Monday, January 10, 2011

You Know What REALLY Ticks Me Off?

When you've got some psycho nut shooting people, six dead, 13 people on their way to the hospital (including a US Congresswoman) and not two hours later, the county sheriff is looking to blame someone other than the guy who pulled the trigger.

I expect this garbage from the goons in the media and some politicians, but not from a guy who was elected to uphold the laws that protect his constituents - and that includes those victimized in this senseless tragedy.  He ought to be working to bring the guilty individual to justice, not vainly speculating on what led to this event, especially when nobody - AND I MEAN NOBODY - has any of the facts.

One victim I see reported on a lot is the little girl, Christina Green.  Maybe it's her name (we like Christinas around here) or the fact that she's a very adorable little girl and her family talks about her being a go-getter and having a lot of goals for herself - but her death is the one that gets to me the most.  My heart goes out to her family and the families of the other victims.  She and the other victims did not deserve this and they sure as hell don't deserve to have their deaths be used as pawns in this stupid political game.  Get all the facts and convict the true guilty parties.  Let people grieve in peace.

I get upset and angry about a number of things, but violence never solves any problem and anyone that thinks that it will is crazy.  And while violence is probably the number one course of action that doesn't solve anything - blaming random people before you have all the facts comes in a close second.

Sheriff Dupnik owes Congresswoman Giffords' family, friends and staff - as well as the innocent victims and their families - an apology.  And he damn well better call a press conference to do it.

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