Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Little Part of My Life is Called Happyness

I`m just here watching "The Pursuit of Happyness," which I had never seen before. I`m at the part where they go to the 49ers game with the bigwig CEO. And - they just keep having troubles and getting into roadblocks, even though there are small victories. And I get to thinking (that`s what these movies do, you know) that life does that - like a carrot on a stick. It dangles, then you think you have it, but then it pulls back like "ha ha - pull the other one!"

Sometimes, it seems like we are only allowed so much bliss and joy - for about a day. Then life sends you packing back to reality. Like Cinderella at midnight. "The ball`s over, go back to the kitchen."

But then, you know, the magic let her keep her glass slipper. I like to think of it as a "tender mercy," letting her know that it really did happen - she really did dance with the prince and she was the princess for the evening. And she held onto it and it led her back to the prince to live happily ever after.

(witness my ramblings - think anything will ever come of it?)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ponderous Self-Pondering

My professor assigned us to take a couple of personality tests before our upcoming class weekend and one of them had a thing to share results on a blog. So of course, I must share this with the world. This is from the second personality test I took. The first one was more detailed and I liked taking it better, but there wasn't a code to cut and paste for it. So, you get this one (I ended up with the same results between the two tests, so that must say something):

INFJ - "Author". Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

(The link on the button is different than the test I took, so if you're interested, this is the test I took. FYI - it's helpful if you take this one first)

Also, as part of the assignment, we were to write down our thoughts on the test and our results. And... I like what I came up with, so I'm going to share it with you all. You're welcome.

My Thoughts For Class:

It’s interesting that Sean had us take this test before class. I’m usually a bit wary of these things, but this seems like it describes my personality pretty well (or, at least in the frame of mind I’m in right now – shoot, I got similar results for both tests). I do end up taking on the thankless jobs and I have a hard time delegating responsibility. One of my mottos actually is “If you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself.” But I have remember that I am most likely in a position to teach someone something and they only way they’ll learn is by doing it themselves. And if they make mistakes, that’s okay. That's important for a librarian to remember because people are going to be coming to us with questions. And maybe they aren't asking the right questions for what they need, but they have to figure some portion of it out for themselves or they'll never really know. We're there as their guides. [Whoa - that was something from my mission! Holy Cow! :D]

This was a good activity for doing some introspection. Some of the questions were challenging, especially on the first test. The Yes/No absolution was hard to deal with in some of the questions because I do both. There was one that I now can’t remember what it asked, but I remember thinking that it depended on the situation – there are some instances I would say yes to it and others I would say no. So, I just put down one and hoped it would be okay.

It’s funny because just yesterday (Feb 23, 2010), I was thinking how hard it is for me to put myself “out there” in a crowd and there were quite a few questions that dealt with social skills and how I feel about meeting new people. I can talk to a person, but talking with people is hard. I tend to melt into the background because I don’t like being center of attention. But if it’s a one-on-one situation, I’m already center of somebody’s attention, so I just go with it and it’s okay. If I feel like I only have to impress one person, I’ll be just fine. I can maybe handle two, but three is stretching it. This drives my dad nuts because he wants to see me dating, but in order to find someone to date, you have to go out and meet a whole bunch of people (usually in large-ish groups) and to me, that is counterproductive. I do a whole lot better if someone says “Hey, I have a friend I think you should meet” and set it up from there. But that rarely happens because people are gun-shy about being perceived as nosy busybody matchmakers. As long as the friend isn’t a serial-killer-psychopath, I personally don’t mind it so much.

I honestly don’t know if this is truly my personality because it seems like these quizzes are written so that no matter what result you got, it would still apply to you (kind of like horoscopes). But it’s interesting to think about. And it may change over time. Even if I were take it six months from now, I could very well have a different result.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's Funny About Cylon Toast?

Last night's Big Bang Theory episode was epic (hit the link and go down to episode 46 "The Cornhusker Vortex"). Yes, it's a rerun, but sine I only recently got into the show, I had never seen it before.

How cute was it that Sheldon was teaching Leonard about football?

How absolutely ADORABLE was it that Leonard was trying to learn about football for Penny's sake?

How cool is it that Penny is watching the game with the guys while all their girlfriends are talking in the kitchen? (well, it sucks for Leonard, but I love Penny).

(I want a Leonard.)

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Kind of Like Asking the French to "Cowboy Up"

"24" was tonight - and yes, that is a reference to the Olympic ice dancing competition. It was quite unnerving to see the French team dancing to Johnny Cash (maybe not as strange as watching Russians do a pseudo-aboriginal dance, but odd in it's own right - and since when are the Dixie Chicks considered folk music?). But it seemed apropos given tonight's episode. Yes, there are spoilers.


The last shot last week was Dana/Jenny about to go shoot White Trash Boy-Toy - but we took a good 45 minutes to get to the good part. I don't want to hear about "Oh, she had to gear herself up to go after the s.o.b." because this is "24." Nobody has to "gear up" to do anything. You either do it or you get shot.

Witness Freddie's gumption in shooting the pot-head buddy with their own rifle - and further witness Dana's idiocy by running to cradle White Trash's dying body in her arms. I almost pity Freddie - "Yeah, sure, I risked national security to come after you because I thought you were cheating on me, but it turns out you're in trouble with your abusive ex-boyfriend and I threaten him to within an inch of his life and he ends up dying anyway. But go ahead and run to back to him... I'll just be here... paying for the ring."

He should have just shot the goobers and be done with it.

Semi-unrelated note: You know what made me so happy? That Glenn Beck could use this sorry excuse for a storyline in "24" to compare it to jackass politicians. I swear, this guy could take watching paint dry and turn it into an object lesson about how screwed up Progressivism is. I wish I could have taken a history class from a professor like that.

I had a total girly "awww..." moment when Jack told Renee that he meant what he said when he said she had him. That's probably about as mushy-romantic as Jack gets and I LOVE it!! It's that whole bad-boy persona, but when he has someone to love - it's just endearing. And the way Keifer plays is wonderful. Because then you KNOW someone is about to start picking on Renee and then it's Jack-whoop-ass time :)

And wouldn't you know it, the White House has to stick their nose in and ruin everything. Why does this not surprise anyone? (and I would also not be surprised if Glenn Beck has the "24" characters on the chalkboard again tomorrow). Some of the great lines in this sequence:

Bubba-Gump: You don't say "no" to the White House. (American People: "Watch us")

Jack: "Nothing standard about that." *snicker*

Also - you don't send a Boy Scout to do Jack's job. I don't care how wonderful Boy Scouts are (trust me, they are amazing human beings) - but, dude, Jack could take you out with a Q-tip and a toothpick.

NO, Dept. of Justice hag - you do NOT interrogate Jack's main squeeze. Especially since Renee could probably take you out herself (I can't wait to see what kind of kids Jack and Renee would have - can you just image the level of awesomeness?? They wouldn't need the SWAT anymore - just call in the Bauer-Walker family.)

I was very sad that David Anders' character died so cheaply. I thought he'd have a bigger role. Well, they did bring Tony back after him being "dead" for a season and a half... ummm... yeah right.

(Am I the only one that keeps holding out hope that, somehow, someway "Carlos Bernard" will be included on the opening credits? Hope springs eternal.)

(Commercial Blather: Well HAI THAR American Idull!! Guess Survivor isn't the only show that's feelings it's age *cough, Ellen as a judge *cough, cough* But I mustn't get my hopes up... A show with this much teeny-bopper staying power could haunt my nightmares well into my middle-age).

It's official - CTU: New York is being run by the inmates. Jack is never getting on that plane to LA.

Warm Fuzzies

I have about 40 minutes before "24" starts and then I'll have a fandom-squee post afterwards. But I've been rather thoughtful lately and I'd just like to share a few gems while I have a minute:

1 - Since I had some time, I was meandering through Facebook looking through friends I haven't seen/talked to in a long time. Some of the people I saw made me sad (for various reasons), but most of them - it was just good to see they were doing well. I wish I would keep up with them better than I do.

2 - I have a feeling something big is upon me. Whether it's big in a good way or a bad way is yet to be seen. I try not to get my hopes up. That's happened before and it rarely turns out well.

3 - It's good to have an outlet for all this stuff. Doubly glad when you have people who'll read it. Triply glad when they respond (hiiiiiiiint!!)

4 - In spite of the whole getting older thing, birthdays are wonderful things.

5 - I was looking on a fanart website and I found a picture of a really pretty wedding dress that the artist had used for inspiration. I've never really given pause to that sort of thing and I don't have a reason to, but I'm going to hang onto it. Hey, I learned a few things from being the honorary Boy Scout mascot when I was little. ^_^

6 - No matter how big you are or how old you get, you can still fit behind the couch during a rousing game of hide and seek during Family Home Evening.

7 - In a similar vein, it was gut-busting hilarious when Cash poked his head in the room where I was hiding behind the door and didn't see me. If I didn't have a sensitive funny bone (and if Johnny wasn't so perceptive), I would have stayed hidden.

8 - I'm grateful for that little paisley journal I had everyone sign on my mission. The pictures are great and the journals are wonderful - but to hear it in everyone else's words is priceless.

9 - Snark makes life worth living.

10 - As does the sight of the weenie dog finding a sunny spot on the carpet to lounge in.

11- Little Haylie looked really cute today. And she was funny when I was telling her about the St. Augustine Alligator Farm ("They farm alligators???!")

12 - I may have my mean moments, but I feel bad afterwards. Good that I have a conscience, but bad that feel like a bum for it (then again, some people just need a fire lit).

13 - I love to decorate with meaningful quotes. Song lyrics are the best.

14 - Happiness is a blank notebook and a brand new pen.

15 - The Beast is what every girl dreams of (post-wolf attack, not before).

16 - This turned into a lot of gems. That's okay - the music I'm listening to is rather inspirational ("Watashitachi ni Naritakute" from the Sailor Moon Memorial Box Collection).

17 - I don't keep music that is non-inspirational. Everything on my iPod inspires my creativity.

18 - Crying is a healthy way to cope. It helps you reset your emotions so you can keep going. If that means I'm a crybaby, then so be it.

19 - The moment you take something too seriously, they have to write a textbook on the psychological theory behind it and it just gets ruined.

20 - "Twilight" is still a neat story. It's the internet wackos that spoil it for everyone else.

21 - No matter what anyone says, the Powerpuff Girls are still awesome.

I could have more, but I'll stop there. It's enough that I took on this exercise. I feel really great! ^_^

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"It's My Favorite Part Because - You'll See!"

I watched "Beauty and the Beast" last night and was once again reminded why it is my favorite Disney movie of all time. There really isn't a monstrous villain (beyond Gaston - but he's just a small-time douche) and it's all about two people who can't stand each other (at first) falling in love. And Belle is blissfully ignorant to everything else except what is important to her. And what is important to her isn't necessarily what's important to the rest of the world, so they all think she's strange. She doesn't jump at the first opportunity that comes along and winds up with something much better. This story is probably the most realistic of any fairy tale (overlook the magically cursed Beast and the talking household objects) - the characters are believable - they have real problems and internal struggles. And I seriously love the Beast! How can you not love somebody who tries his best, even when his best yield awkward results (toasting oatmeal, much?) But Belle just rolls with it and learns to love the big guy.

I just feel like gushing about it - that's all :)

It is my dearest desire to see the Broadway musical one day. I have the soundtrack, but seeing the stage production of it would be amazing.

A Hasty Postscript

In my fit of giggly weirdness, I forgot to mention that my last post detailing the impending Apocalypse was actually initiated by Alison and Johnny's commentary about my upcoming date (and since it seems everyone knows now - yes, that is my own darn fault and I admit to it - to heck with keeping it secret). I was in such a funny mood at the time, I had to document it. Which, is notable in and of itself because very rarely does any of Johnny's teasing put me in a good mood. Maybe it's just because I see the irony in it - but that's my last word on that subject.

Friday, February 19, 2010

This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse

Everyone get their food storage ready and hunker down in the bomb shelters. We urge to you to hoard food and steal gas. If you are an elderly American, you will not survive. Take to the streets, everyone. Pack up the SUV and cash in your life savings for gold bars! Calling Nicolas Cage!

The end of the world is coming. No, the Detroit Lions did not win a Super Bowl. Although that could be very possible now that this has happened:

I've been asked out on a date.

Start praying. Now. I'm serious - this is not a drill.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

24 - Things Are Becoming Less Predictable

Which is how it should be!

Yes, I know - I didn't rehash "24" last week (and I didn't do the season finale of "Heroes" either - well, there wasn't much to say). But today - there is much to pontificate about! (am I even using that word right? Well, I'm an English major - what I say, goes)

As always:


Jenny's got a gun/Kevin's on the run (or drunk with a stripper): What I don't get is that Freddie doesn't let Dana tell him about White Trash Boy-Toy, then he acts all hurt and surprised when Arlo (is that his name?) drops the "she's cheating" bomb. Honestly, though - can Freddie truly think that Dana would cozy up to someone that greasy? Although - Dana/Jenny has proved that common sense isn't her strong suit.

But after next week, maybe they'll be canceling that engagement anyway (major loss of points on the Almeida/Dessler Scale of Badass-ness).

Jack, Jack, Jack of the Jun-gle: Well, you have Bubba Gump in charge of CTU, which is being run by a bunch of hormonal clowns. It was only a matter of time before Jack went primate on us. But whatever it takes to get Jack shooting somebody.

Definitely Not the Smartest Thing You Could Have Said:
Kahlia proves just how idiotic the protagonists are this season by telling Daddy that she's been dating the head of security - the very head of security that Daddy impulsively arrested for hesitating to follow orders issued in fits of insanity. She's going to be the next victim of Daddy's paranoid security crack-down.

So Much for My Predictions: Man, I thought David Anders was going to bust Jack out of the kitchen. But he's turned total bad guy, just to spite Daddy Mob Boss. Eh - Jack and Kim were reconciled to each other - maybe there is hope (in another 8 season - if neither of them dies).

Next Week's Preview: Hastings lets Renee take the fall for the screw ups, in spite of Jack's insistence that it was self-defense. President Taylor lets her take the fall. Daddy President arrests Kahlia when she's on her way to sneakily talk to head-of-security boy. Dana "just happens" upon a drunk and passed out Kevin and his idiot boss and "just happens" to have a gun to put the bastard out of her misery.. Freddie, totally upset and distraught over Dana's life choices tracks down Tony and tries to keep up in the badass coolness department, but fails miserably and instead retreats and becomes a contender in the men's figure skating competition in the Olympics. Chloe "just happens" to tell Hastings to stick it and takes over CTU single-handedly, Jack smuggles Renee out and flees to LA where they meet up with Kim and family and all live happily ever after.

Yeah, right.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Job New Orleans Saints

... sigh... it was a great game - close right up until 4 minutes to go. And that stupid interception ran back for a touchdown... I maintain that if that ding-dong Zoobie Collie had made the play before that, there wouldn't have been an interception... now all the sports media are going to be snotty and sarcastic about my boy Peyton and that he's not that great and he has to win another Super Bowl to have any credit and blah blah blah. I don't know why people don't like him. Just because there isn't any of this craptastic drama with the Colts...

I think it would be more fun to watch the Saints win the Super Bowl if they didn't beat my favorite team to do it. But they're a classy team too and I can't begrudge them the victory. I'd be pissed if it was someone I didn't like. But the Saints are a good team and they deserve this. And it was cute when they showed Drew Brees with his little boy.

(There will not be a sober person in New Orleans tonight - party it up, folks!)

(The kids at school tomorrow are going to be disgusting...)

Some Thoughts on Commercials:

How about that "Avatar: The Last Airbender" movie? Or... I guess they're not calling it "Avatar" because Dances With Smurf-Gully already stole that. M. Night Shymalan - however you spell it - is going to direct it, so this should be interesting.

The Green Police - that was a creepy ad, I'm not going to lie. I had the jibbilies just watching it. I'm going to have nightmares of cops in green pants coming after my Explorer... *shudder*

Doritos did some pretty crazy things. They always do.

Budweiser - the longhorn and the Clydesdale buddies was endearing.

Survivor - does anyone get the feeling this franchise is on its last legs? *tries not to sound hopeful - but fails*

Timmy and Ma Tebow: That was what all the Feminazis had their panties in a twist about? I almost missed the whole thing. Seriously, I didn't realize that was the commercial.

Head-Slap: Best commercial - NCIS and everyone trading handshakes for head slaps.

Second Place: I would have nominated the commercial-bump with Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory" hacking his way into the Super Bowl and wishing your team luck - but that's not exactly a commercial (but "Go whatever team you're cheering for and may the opposing team play less effectively" FTW!)

ETA: I thought of a few things to add as my post Super Bowl funk has progressed:

1) The Saints used to SUCK - like, fans would wear paper bags over their heads at the games because the team was so bad. But since they have now won a Super Bowl, this means that there is still hope for the Detroit Lions (and Detroit is pretty much a train wreck - not unlike New Orleans was after Katrina. Except Detroit's woes weren't caused by a colossal natural disaster. Just socialist government meddling.) If anywhere else deserves some winning-team joy, it's Detroit (and I'm not just saying that because my great-uncle played for them years and years ago).

2) Also - the last four years has been a see-saw between the two conferences - in 2007, the AFC Champion (Colts) won the Super Bowl; 2008 was the NFC Champion (Giants); 2009 was the AFC (Steelers) and now 2010 is the NFC (Saints). How long do you think this trend will go on?

3) Another thing that occurred to me that makes this loss easier to take: Peyton Manning grew up in New Orleans (his dad, Archie, played for the Saints back in the day). I can be happy for the hometown of my football hero.

ETA2: I seriously need to go to bed...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Celebrations - Go Colts!!

Thus beginneth the weekend to end all weekends! Since I have class all weekend, I have to post this now. And I am quite pleased with the Super Bowl this year. As I've said before, I was pulling for a Saints-Colts Super Bowl when they were both going undefeated (and I spit in the general direction of the Cowboys for ruining that - oh well, they're all sitting at home with a bowl of Cheetos this weekend anyway). I have to say - it's much more fun to cheer for someone rather than cheering against a team you despise. In 2008, I was pulling for the Giants to win because I hate the Patriots - but that performance gained the Giants another big fan.

And I'm also happy that the Colts are playing the Saints. Honestly, I would not be too upset if the Saints did win, other than they would beat my team to do it. And I'm glad we don't have any big scandal or controversy to deal with either or no drama-queen thugs running their mouths off (Chad 85 from Cincinnati, Terrell Owens from Buffalo - those kinds of idiots. I guess that's why they had to drum up the Tim Tebow ad crap so the news media would have something to talk about). Both these teams are very classy and very disciplined, which will make for an exciting game, but it doesn't make TMZ or ET (they're mourning the fact that none of Tom Brady's model girlfriends had a baby this week). And it's going to be an offensive shoot-out and that's always fun :)

So, whether you're a Colts fan, Saints fan, football expert, football know-nothing, cheerleader or just like watching the commercials - everyone have a Happy Super Bowl Weekend and I'll see you at the after party.