Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend Roundup and Some Theorizing (Doctor Who SPOILERS!)

This past weekend was Pioneer Day here in Utah, so I was sort of off the grid for a while there.  For those that don't know, July 24th is a state holiday commemorating the day the first group of pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley and began settling most of the present-day western United States. There's a huge parade in Salt Lake City and everybody gets to shoot off fireworks and there are barbecues and picnics and all the local government people have the day off.  It's like we get a sequel to the 4th of July ^_^  Also, my youngest sister had her birthday on the 25th, so I went to visit the family and go boating with my aunt and uncle.  I'm a little sunburned, but not as bad as usually happens (SPF 50, folks. SPF 50).

Anyway, it has been a particularly full week and it's only Wednesday.  Prepare for a list, folks -

- I started working for real last week - HOORAY!  It wasn't too bad, just busy (which was why I was not online so much).  Around last Thursday, I did a super-duper early shift and it totally drained me and it made me a little sick.  Not horribly bed-ridden sick, just enough to make me crash for a three hour nap after I got home.  It was the weirdest thing - I only meant to be down for twenty minutes or so, but there went my entire day.  Eh, what d'you do?  This week's been tougher because the tech guys did a BIG upgrade to the system and it's shut down everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  Patrons are having to fill out paper applications for library cards and nobody can renew things or places holds.  The clerks can get into the system a little bit, but it takes a long time and backs everything up out to the Pony Express.  All the while kids are crying, old people are asking why things aren't working and I'm just getting continually frustrated.  Once it's all back online, it'll be fine and dandy, I'm sure.  But for now it's a pain in the butt and I want to slap the person who decided this would be a good idea.

- Taught the lesson in Relief Society in church on Sunday.  Normally, I love my RS teaching gig, but this week the assigned topic was Eternal Marriage from the General Conference talks this past April. That is one of the most annoying gospel topics to teach in a singles ward, especially the young single women.  I didn't want any of the ladies I teach to come away feeling like less of a person as is wont to happen in these settings (I'm LDS and have been for a long time, but I've long felt that married life as a Mormon is just weird.  Not as it pertains to Church doctrine or anything - just how it's executed in day-to-day living. That's an essay in and of itself).  But I did okay - we ended up having a good conversation about how it's not something to stress over if you're not married and it's a good thing to go get an education and start a career and not focus so much on finding a man and starting a family.  The class seemed to respond well and I don't think I hurt anyone's feelings, so victory for me!  All I can say is that I'm grateful that times have changed since my aunt got married (that's another story, but probably not for this setting).

- Enough with the whiny personal anecdotes - IT'S DOCTOR WHO TIME!!! (well, it will be in a month - YAY FOR AUGUST 27th!!)

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(Bless the person who made this gif. It is magnificent.)

   It would follow that BIG Doctor Who news would fall over a holiday weekend and I would be unable to devote full attention to it.  But I'm going to do so now.  SPOILER ALERT!! (well, more like THEORY ALERT!! but I suppose some people like to avoid those as well).  Now that I've watched the trailer a few times, I have at least one thought that goes beyond OMG - DOCTOR IN TAILS! OMG - RORY PUNCHES HITLER!! OMG - OLD!AMY!!!  This relates to the OMG - EYE-PATCH!RIVER!! clip.

  Full disclosure -  Part of this theory was triggered by a discussion of a short story Shaun from Traveling the Vortex wrote that uses this trope.  I think the guys from Radio Free Skaro touched on it a little bit in passing, but Shaun's story really got my brain going on this after I read it a second time, so credit to him for lighting the spark.

  I think that Series 6.2 is going to deal with some heavy-duty rewriting time and what the effects are of doing that.  I wonder if the Doctor, Amy and Rory are going to end up in an alternate timeline that was caused by some meddling in history (like, say, saving Hitler's life for example).  Eye-Patch!River clued me in on this - I think the River in that trailer is River in a future where baby Melody Pond was never rescued from Patchy (her real name is hard to spell, so she's Patchy).  Patchy then raised Melody to be Patchy's successor and now adult!Melody is the leader of... whatever Patchy is the leader of (I don't think she's the leader of the clerics, thought I could be wrong).  Somewhere along this alternate timeline, Amy and Rory left the Doctor, but fell in with some sort of rebel group.  Rory was killed (which is perhaps why we don't see an Old!Rory in the trailer), but Amy became this awesomely-awesome pseudo-samurai person (as a counterpart to Rory the Roman, perhaps?) and fights the baddies that her daughter is effectively leading.  Adult!Melody never meets the Doctor or her parents and is the enemy in this alternate timeline (she may even believe Patchy is her real mother).  So, somewhere, the Doctor has to make like Marty McFly and go back and fix this back to the way it should be... which, I'm still working out what that solution would be.

Maybe the Doctor dying at Lake Silencio (which is really Lake Powell - there is no Lake Silencio in Utah.  Not to my knowledge and I've lived here my whole life. /pedantry) in "The Impossible Astronaut" triggered the alternate timeline in the first place but the Doctor thought he was fixing something else when he let the astronaut shoot him, but that set the screwed-up timeline in motion because River, Amy and Rory convinced not-dead!Doctor to take them the 1969 and they fought the Silents, which turns out to be a bad thing.

Oh - wait!  I've never mentioned that!  Since "A Good Man Goes to War," I've wondered why the Silents kidnapped Amy in "Day of the Moon."  At first I thought it was to switch her out with the Ganger, but it had said that she'd been a Ganger even before then.  They even tried to get Amy to tell the Doctor she was pregnant, which obviously Patchy and Co. don't want him to know.  So... why?  Are the Silents in opposition to Patchy and the Clerics?  Did we read these guys wrong?  Are they actually the good guys?  Did the Doctor effectively murder potential allies?

Okay, I have no reason to think that the Silents are actually on the Doctor's side other than they kidnapped Ganger!Amy and maybe were trying to get a warning to the Doctor that she was pregnant.  Sort of flimsy, but then I think about all the people who insisted that River was Amy and Rory's daughter and that seemed like an off-the-wall theory at one time.  So I'm more willing to entertain some of these odd theories at this point.

That was a long bullet to end the list, but if I'm right it'll be worth it.  And if I'm wrong - well, it was fun to postulate anyway.

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