Saturday, January 14, 2012

Graduation, Commencement and Paradise

I graduated today! HOORAY! This calls for a blog post and some super-cool Piano Guys tunes!

So, usually you think of graduation ceremonies as being these really pompous and boring ordeals, right? Well, if you just have a small close-knit cohort of Library Science students and you put together your own program instead of relying on alumni donors and crap like that, you can actually have something fun and celebratory to share with your friends.

And that's what my little group of cohorts did.  Heck, my dad enjoyed it (and he's not really into the whole pomp and circumstance sort of thing).  I guess it helps that the people I was graduating are people I actually know and like instead of this huge conglomerate of complete strangers that just happen to attend the same university as I do.

We ended up having five speakers, though two were student speakers that did a tag-team Story Time-style for their speech (not gonna lie - that was pretty hardcore for librarians ^_^)  The faculty speaker actually spoke about how he had to work at in fast food and other crappy jobs even after he got his PhD until he could land a teaching job at a university.  I've been to three graduations before this and I have never heard anyone talk about how most of us are going to have a hard time finding a job even with a degree but stick with it and good things will happen eventually.  Honestly, now that I've been on the job hunt for so long, it's refreshing to hear a heavy dose of reality sprinkled in with the "Hey, Yeah - You Made It You Special, Special Person, You!" stuff.  Not too much that it's depressing and discouraging, but enough that I can look at this professor and think "Yeah, I may have some rough patches, but I can get through them."  So, I appreciated that.

Pictures will be coming (as soon as I can find my camera in all my stuff - I'm sure it's somewhere close by).

For now - I'm a Master of Library Science! Go me!! :)

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