Sunday, February 12, 2012

And Now - Some General Silliness

Yes, yes, I haven't been writing.  Haven't had much to blog about (though I have been writing - top secret stuff, very "hush hush").  But since today (this whole week, really) has been sort of "bleah," I went searching for something to cheer me up.  And, what do you know, the incomparable Babelcolour has delivered.  For those not in the know, Babelcolour is a guy on YouTube who does Doctor Who videos and he's quite good at it (to say the least - holy cow, Tribute to Every Doctor Who Story!)  I had not seen "Doolally Who," though, until today.  And it's very funny and silly and just what I needed. And thusly, I share it with you all.

(You know what gave me the most joy? Peter Davison's little cheeky grin about a minute into the video. Definitely from the blooper reel, but frankly I don't care where it came from.)

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