Monday, August 27, 2012

Doctor Who Premieres on September 1!

Yes, I've been off the radar for a while (bloggy-wise, anyway).  Found myself in need of a new place to live and it took a few weeks to find one, but I found one and I'll be moving this weekend.  Which brings me to...

"Doctor Who" Returns on September 1!! HOORAY!!!

Since I left my BBC America subscription back with my parents (well, it was their satellite TV account), I'm going the iTunes route this season.  This is the first time I've ever bought an iTunes season pass, though I like the idea of it.  I don't have to pay for channels I don't watch, I only get the shows I like and I finally have a way to monetarily support the programming I want instead of my money going to something stupid like "Two and a Half Men."  I haven't had a problem with iTunes before as far as getting content I'm subscribed to, so this should be fun.

Anyway - TRAILERS!

And this whole week leading up to the premiere, there's this web-only, prequel of sorts showing what the Doctor and la familia Pond have been up to during this obscenely long break. Presenting now, the first installment of "Pond Life."


 I admit, when I heard about "Pond Life," I thought it was going to be more akin to the spoof-tastic sitcom idea from Blogtor Who - "Amy and Rory: The Ponds." Happily it is not.


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