Saturday, September 8, 2012

There Were Some Dinosaurs. There Was a Spaceship.

Hello Saturday! It's Doctor Who day and today's offering brought us "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship."  Spoilers below the clip from the best dinosaur movie in the world!

So... what to say about "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship?" Um... Mr. Weasley was in it. So was Argus Filch. And there was some rather odd innuendos.  And a couple of "What the heck was that doing here?"

I'm really having a hard time coming up with anything substantial to say about this one.  It sort of felt like a ten-year-old kid dumped out his toy box and started playing with his dinosaurs and robots and pirates all together and called it a Doctor Who episode.  Which works great for Andy in Toy Story - not so much here.

The whole thing kind of felt forced.  Lines about gender perspectives just make me cringe.  I'm not sure why Rory's dad had to come along.  Really, did two people of similar genetic makeup have to pilot the ship?  And why really did the Doctor need a whole "gang" of people along?  Why choose Queen Nefertiti and that other dude that I have no idea who he was?  Why Silurians?  Honestly, this whole episode felt rushed.  Maybe it needed to be a two-parter.  Maybe we needed a smaller toy box?  Hell, I don't know.

The robots were funny.  They had some snappy dialogue.  And the TARDIS materializing around Amy, Rory and Brian was great (definitely a time-saver - which was sorely needed in this episode).  And who can say anything bad about riding around on a triceratops?  But it feels like that's all there was to this episode.  I have nothing else to say about this story.  And, quite frankly, I'm ready for next week.

(I've been listening to too much Radio Free Skaro.  I'm starting to sound like Chris or Warren.  God help us all).

ETA: Just because I love this movie (and I found a ton of cute clips on YouTube) here's another "Land Before Time" clip.  It's adorable. You know you love it.


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