Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kicking Off the 50th Anniversary Year

[This is me on a slow day at work trying to stay away from New Who spoilers.  Luckily - THERE IS NEWS! *happy dance*]

Rule #1 - Everyone lies!
Unless you've been deliberately avoiding the internet in fear of spoilers from "The Bells of Saint John" (which airs today - hooray!), you already know that David Tennant and Billie Piper (and some guy named John Hurt*) will be in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!

First off - ABOUT DAMN TIME, BBC! We've been chomping at the bit and jumping on every dinky rumor just for any measly tidbit about the 50th, so THANK YOU for finally delivering!  I'm not so much happy that it's Tennant is indeed going to make an appearance as much as I'm happy that there is actual, concrete NEWS! (hell, I'd have been just as happy to hear that Tom Baker was going to be in the special as long as we got something!)

Second off - Since David and Billie were denying involvement as recently as January, this is my new pet theory - the BBC has probably been in talks with people but given instructions that if anyone asks - DENY EVERYTHING! At least, until the BBC officially comes out and says so (and even then - this came because a bunch of copies of Doctor Who Magazine got out into the wild before they were supposed to. Ooops...)  I'm certain that this will not be the last major casting announcement to come. If you're going to do previous Doctors for an anniversary special, you can't just have one show up other than the current Doctor and I am certain that there have been a few others not exactly telling the whole truth, per the BBC's orders.  Personally, I'm keeping my policy of "Nothing is for sure until the BBC says so" in effect because, well, the BBC finally said so.

Third off - Some people are already speculating that it's going to be Handy!Doctor and not the "real" Tenth Doctor, so they've already got their "Perpetually Unsatisfied Fan" pants in a squish.  While that could be possible - could it not also be possible that Eleven and Clara intercept Ten and Rose somewhere along the Series 2 timeline?  I mean, you don't have to be disappointed before you even know where this is going to fall in line.  And if it is Handy!Doctor - would that really be so bad? I realize I'm in the minority that actually liked Handy!Doctor and didn't mind the Doctor/Rose romance as much as everyone else tends to.  To me, Ten was the emotional incarnation of the Doctor, just like Seven was the manipulative incarnation and Two was the Cosmic Hobo and Three was the action hero and Five was the nice guy and Eleven is Tigger.  So, it made sense for Ten to fall in love and want to be withhis One and Only - even though he still wanted to travel and do his Doctor-Time-Lord-Timey-Wimey-Spacey-Wacey thing (that's a technical term). Of course, he chooses to continue as he always has, but he jumps on the opportunity to leave something of him behind for Rose and - in my mind, at least - it counts.  Rose and Ten get to be together and the Doctor gets to swann off in his TARDIS for more adventures and a new regeneration. Everyone wins.

(I just realized I've never really gone to the mat for Handy!Doctor before. Perhaps it's time I should).

Anyway - alternate universe Doctor and Rose. Yeah, I'm cool with it.  And if it's Series 2 Doctor and Rose, I'm cool with that too.  Point is - WE HAVE DOCTOR WHO 50TH ANNIVERSARY CASTING NEWS! REJOICE, FANDOM, FOR SALVATION IS AT HAND!

As for me - it finally feels like the 50th Anniversary year has begun. And this is the perfect way to start it all off.  Review of "The Bells of Saint John" will be coming tonight.

*Before I get comments and protestations - yes, I know perfectly well who John Hurt is. Stop looking at me like that

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