Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Make This the BEST QUARTER EVER

(I'm an assistant teacher in a high school Biology class and today the kids had an assignment to write about how this was going to be the best quarter ever.  They challenged me to do it as well, so here it goes)

I want to have this be the best 4th quarter in the entire world!  The students have some pretty good stuff planned to wrap up this school year.

First, they've all promised to work hard in English and Biology.  The teachers are piling up the expectations on them, but I'm confident they will rise to the occasion.  Sure, there will be a little grumbling and whining, but that's what you get with all teenagers.  They've all done fantastic work through the first three quarters, but this is where it counts - they have their end-of-year tests where they bring together everything they've learned and show that they've actually been able to apply it.

Next, track season - I can't wait to start hearing of the results from the various track meets.  T is pretty good with hurdles and H is awesome at field events.  The rest all do running - sprints and endurance - and they all have a good time with each other.

Community of Caring - we have a strong Community of Caring program and the kids have a blast with it.  They have an adult date-dinner planned for the adults in the valley.  The kids will cook the food, put up decorations and provide music for the adults to enjoy.  These are some pretty awesome kids, really.

Also, the prom is coming up.  They always put together a fantastic prom.  This year's theme is "Where the Green Grass Grows" (definitely a change from other school's themes of "Under the Stars" or some other sparklepoo deal fraught with glitter and crap like that).  They're planning on bringing in hay bales and decorating with a western motif - should be a pretty good deal.

For me, I have plenty of things to look forward to.  I'm halfway through my fourth semester of library school.  I have three classes this semester instead of my usual two, which is kicking my butt - I won't lie.  However, I have a great support system with my fellow classmates and we all help each other out, whether its reviewing each others' papers and projects or bouncing ideas off one another.  Also, I'm getting geared up to do a practicum this summer, which I am completely stoked about.

Also, I'm in charge of the library at the high school and I've been ordering some pretty fantastic books for the kids.  One that I'm excited to read is "I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President."  With a title like that, how could that not be awesome?

Another thing that's going to make this the best quarter ever is on April 23 - the new season of "Doctor Who" starts on BBC America.  "Doctor Who" is the coolest, most awesome TV show in the world and I can't wait to see the new series.  I've seen some of the trailers and promotional stuff (plus part of the season premiere was filmed in Utah and I think that's pretty cool - considering that's the first time the show's ever had principal filming done in the US).  The last season (which was the first season with the new cast and production staff) was really good, but I think this being the second season with this cast and crew, it'll be even better.

Well, those are my plans for this to be the BEST QUARTER EVER!  I hope you enjoyed reading it :)

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