Monday, June 20, 2011

AN ANNOUNCEMENT - Friday Night Who Sans the Vortex Boys

Due to previous commitments, the the guys from Traveling the Vortex are taking a break from Friday Night Who this week.  This is understandable - people have lives.  However, I thought (well, they actually suggested it on the podcast) that a bunch of us could organize a FNW for ourselves.  I'm cool with that if there are enough takers.  If enough people show an interest (which, "enough people" could be three or four),  I have a few ideas of what we could watch.  Here are my ideas (all from Classic Who since I'm sure the Vortex Boys have their own schedule for New Who) -

- Meglos (4th Doctor)
- Mark of the Rani (6th Doctor)
- Frontios (5th Doctor)
- The Mind Robber (2nd Doctor)
- The Ark in Space (4th Doctor)

Please vote for one that you would like to see (or if you have another one to suggest, I'm open to that as well).  Whichever one has the most votes is the one we'll watch and I'll post the winner on Thursday (and we'll keep the rest of the list in case the Boys have to take a break some other time).

This will take place Friday, June 24th at 11 pm MDT (midnight CDT) on Twitter - same as usual.  My Twitter handle is @wildcat_media - follow me and look for the hashtags #FridayNightWho

ETA: In my haste to compile a list to choose from, I forgot that some people only have access to episodes on Netflix (that's what I get for only consulting my DVD shelf).  If that's the case, The Mind Robber and The Ark in Space are available on Netflix Instant (but it's not like I would be opposed to watching The Mind Robber again! ^_^)  But if you have something else you'd like considered, I'm all ears!  Leave your suggestions either in the comments or on Twitter.


  1. I would like the humbly suggest Frontios, simply because it's a very interesting-sounding story that I've never gotten round to watching. I say that, but I probably won't be able to attend because, y'know, England :( oh well

  2. I would recommend The Mind Robber, or The Ark in if I join in I could watch because they are on Netflix. What about a 3rd Doctor story?

  3. I am like Keith and would go with either The Mind Robber or The Ark in Space. Like Keith said, they are on Netflix and I could watch along.