Thursday, June 9, 2011

But Fire is Really the Best!

What's this? A non-Doctor Who post? From me? *runs outside to make sure the universe is still intact*

'kay, so I've been posting about Doctor Who a lot lately and that's not about to change much (I don't have any major plans in the works for the summer break other than the odd review of a Classic Who story here and there, but things may develop within fandom or elsewhere that I'll want to address. We'll see). HOWEVER - I've been following along with Mark Watches "Avatar: The Last Airbender," which is something I've meant to see for a long time and I just never had the time (previous to this, I had seen the very beginning and the very end - but nothing in the middle).  And I have been enjoying myself immensely with it.  One of the comment threads at Mark Watches had this video posted and it was cute and I found myself giggling, so I will now share it with my loyal readership:

Oh, Sokka - your cuteness is only rivaled by tiny!Zuko XD

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