Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gallifrey One, Baby!

Tomorrow, I leave for Gallifrey One.  I'm pretty stoked about this. I've wanted to go since I caught all the antics of the convention two years ago on the internet (helped that Peter Davison was there that year and there was TONS of stuff posted online - not the least of which was this awesome video).  I've written about how I felt that I was part of the event, even from the comfort of home - yet I still wanted to go someday.

I am not a traveler by nature.  I would actually be a horrible traveling companion for the Doctor.  In my entire life, I have only been on four trips that required me to board an airplane.  It's not a fear or anxiety or anything - I'm just a homebody.  And I like to drive myself places (but I wouldn't be caught dead driving in California. Actually, if I ever drove in California, I would end up dead).  So, even a simple direct flight from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles is a big deal for me.  And I'm going by myself, which makes this an even bigger deal.

But I think it's going to be worth it.  I have heard nothing but positive things about Gallifrey One - everyone there is your best friend, they get awesome guests and panels for the convention, you're all there for the same reason, the hotel is fantastic, etc.  Yes, there are going to be hiccups (an event this big - I would be surprised if there weren't), but I'm hoping for a good experience (I don't have many needs or expectations, really).

I have every good intention of keeping notes of what goes on so I can come back and regale you all with my tales of adventure and whimsy.  Barring that, I can guarantee there will be pictures on Twitter and Instagram.  Keep an eye out for the #Gally1 hashtag - there will definitely be posts from others as well.

I hope I can help bring people from home into the experience as well.  That's how I got all gung-ho for attending Gallifrey One myself.  I saw how much fun people had and how amazing it was and I wanted to see it in person.  Which I will in about 19 hours, more or less (registration starts at 6:00 tomorrow - and then there's Lobby Con, which is going to be a strange new experience - sort of like the Doctor and his companions landing on an alien planet).  I'm sure once I get there and get all settled in, I won't want to leave!

It remains to be seen if I'll make it to Gallifrey One 2014.  Funds and time and other considerations have to be taken into account.  But for this year at least, I'm off to Gallifrey, baby!

(And it's going to be wonderful to get out of this sub-freezing weather. Ugh. Winter has certainly outstayed it's welcome).

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