Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Gallifrey One Postgame Show, Part 2: Playing Dress Up

Our "Deck of Cards" Cosplay Photo - Ace, Two, Three, Four, Five (me!),
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Jack, Romana as the Queen, Master as the King
One thing that has eternally impressed me in all my "from afar" observations of Gallifrey One is the cosplayers.  Actually, any cosplay from any fandom has my undying respect because it takes talent to put together a costume.  Most of my cosplay was purchased with some add-ons, the exception of which is the skirt, which I made from scratch from some awesome fabric I found from Mom's Craft in Delta, Utah (Mom's a small Mom-and-Pop craft store in my hometown that nevertheless has a fantastic variety of stuff there you're not going to find in chain stores, so I wanted to give them a plug).  Ever since I discovered that Femme!Doctor cosplay was A Thing, I wanted to try my hand at it.  And I wound up with a really great Femme!Five outfit that I'm quite pleased with.  I bought the tan coat from an online clearance sale (which was a tremendous case of serendipity that I found out about that at all) and added red trim (partly by machine and partly by hand and I had the sore fingers to prove it).  As I said in my previous Gally recap, I bought the hat from Wal-Mart and replaced the hatband.  The sweater was from a group purchase on LiveJournal (there was no way I was going to find or make anything comparable). The celery was from FreckledCrafts on Etsy and I wore red socks and white Not-Converse low-tops that I bought at Payless.

What I loved about cosplaying was that people recognized how much effort I put into my costume.  I'm not a particularly crafty person (though I enjoy cross-stitching from time to time), so this was a big deal for me.  Some people go all out and have four or five costumes they wear over the course of a weekend.  And, of course, there's this -

A Dalek cosplay made of cardboard and Styrofoam.
There's a twelve-year-old kid walking around in that thing.
And this -
Clockwork Droid cosplay - also had a kid inside it. And it moved  just like a clockwork droid
that I actually though it was a robot.
And these -

Not a Femme!Four - but a Fourth Doctor's Scarf Dress. Completely knitted.  I have nothing more to say.
Cat Nun with a Gun. Very realistic makeup.
Snowman cosplay. It was cool to see costumes of characters from  a Doctor Who
episode that only came out two months ago

Impossible Astronaut with River inside. I wish I got a better picture of this, though.
These were on display with the Eighth Doctor's console, but they were costumes in the Masquerade - I'd actually seen the Adipose roaming around during the con.
While I was in my cosplay, I wanted to find some of the Fifth Doctor's companions.  Sadly, I didn't find many (I found more on Sunday when I wasn't in costume), but I did run into a Peri and a Tegan in the Cosplay Hall (and Tegan was actually from Australia, which I thought was fabulous!)

Sadly, my regeneration showed up and took Peri away :(

But really, anyone who can make a Sixth Doctor coat has my eternal respect.  I was surprised to find so many people with that coat, really.

And, really, if you're going to be photographed as Six, what other pose are you going to do?
Also - my friend Lizz cosplayed as Femme!Ten (and she did a fantastic job!). So, of course, a Time Crash picture must be taken (I love our faces in this) -

"You mostly went hands-free, didn't you?"
No Fifth Doctor tribute would be complete without an appearance from the Master.  There were quite a few  different incarnations of the Master wandering around the Marriott, but I found a particularly good Ainley!Master.

I'm smiling like a dope and the Master looks ready to cause trouble.
The Fifth Doctor's era summed up in one cosplay photo.
Just to round out my gallery of cosplayers -

As well as being a fantastic Eight, John was a top-notch panelist on the "Trial of a Time Lord" discussion panel.
These two were behind me in line for Sylvester McCoy's autograph. This was not an opportunity to pass up!

Anyone who can pull off a Leela costume deserves heaps of praise.

The plushie was a nice touch and I told her as much.

I loved finding fellow Fives!

There were so many kids dressed up at Gally, but I was a little hesitant to take pictures of them because I know parents are iffy about pictures displayed of their kids on the internet. But I figure this one was okay since you can't see their faces.  There was an absolute adorable nurse!Rory and a little Amelia in her nightgown and red Wellies that I didn't get.
This was a nice behind-the-scenes snapshot of the Cosplay Hall. It was organized chaos back there, but so worth it.

There weren't many Threes. I suspect there will be more next year since Katy Manning has been confirmed.

This one made my inner twelve-year-old go nuts! I was a huge Sailor Moon fan back in the day and I'm super-excited that there will be a new reboot this summer. There was a time I would not admit to this, but I've since grown up.
So there.
I'm always amazed at the amount of detail that goes into these things.  But no more surprised at the amount of hooped skirts and corsets that made an appearance. Holy cow. (I liked my sweater, thank you very much).
I think that was the extent of my cosplay pictures, but it is by no means a complete sampling (that's a strange phrase, but there you go).  Keep an eye out for other pictures on Twitter and Facebook and blogs because there were so, so, SO many great cosplays.  I don't know if I'll make another one, but it was so much fun to be stopped in the hallway for pictures and to get compliments for my handiwork - and to compliment other people on their creativity as well.  If you can manage a cosplay, do it!

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