Thursday, April 25, 2013

Desert Poetry

I've been home to the ranch for a few days and I had my camera out tonight.  Some of the pictures I took gave me some poem ideas, so hopefully these sound good.

Starting Fires, Starting Over

Something very soothing about striking a match
and letting it drop

on gathered piles of memory

Times when pencil scratchings afforded the most comfort
When the slice of spoken words
Or the dagger of harsh looks
Only ever covered by my blanket of silence

On the remains of such times
Graying photographs, yellowing yearbooks
Bleeding ink on glossy pages
Conveying insincere sincerity

Crumpled birthday cards, written in a cheery hand
Cannot cover cardboard boxes soaking in the rain
I still haven't gotten the smell out of that blanket

The match takes it all

Into the peace of the night sky
Peace broken by the cat mewling at my feet
Glowing eyes watching the smoke rise
Leaving only piles of clean ash

The smoke refreshes my life
The fire blinks out
the dry dead memories
leaving room for piles of good things.



The sun set hours ago, but my skyline still glows.
Broken mountains - shapes carved by history
Untouched by time

One lone telephone pole reminds me
Home is not far
  warm bed
  clean shower
  good food
  electric lights

One lone star reminds me
I will leave soon
   for the city
   where stars
   don't shine
   but freeways do

I came back days ago, and my desert is still
Repaired heart - a soul mended by time
Ready to go create my history

That's what I've got for tonight. Hope you enjoyed - these were just rough, off-the-cuff lines, so if you have any feedback, I wouldn't mind hearing it.  It's been a while since I tried to write this kind of poetry and I'm out of practice.

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