Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let Zygons Be Zygons

Not the most original subject line, but you try coming up with something on the fly like that.
The BBC has officially announced that Zygons will be featured in the 50th Anniversary Special (filming of which began today).  Also, this announcement has caused my theories regarding the 50th to go crashing unceremoniously out the window (I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS!)

[Speaking of filming, an intrepid set reporter tweeted this photo and it was picked up on Facebook.  While the Facebook page isn't in anyway official, they do make the point that this is Ten's TARDIS and, yes yes there was a deleted scene and Handy!Doctor could possibly have a TARDIS - but that was a deleted scene and it's very unlikely to be acknowledged in an on-screen performance.  So, the Tenth Doctor is the Real Deal - never fear about that.]

First, I thought that there would be more casting announcements involving previous Doctors (Paul McGann being first on my wishlist, but I wouldn't say no to Eccleston or McCoy or anyone else) and they just announced Tennant because his involvement was (almost) a no-brainer.  But photos surfaced yesterday of the readthrough for the special... and, other than David Tennant and Matt Smith, there weren't any other Doctors to be seen.

I kept wondering if this special was just going to feature New Who things, which is fine but felt like a bit of a slight against Classic Who - but then I considered that the Great Intelligence is on tap to play a key role in Series 7 (that's a nod to the Second Doctor's era) and that may very well lead into the 50th. And now we have Zygons (a throwback to the 4th Doctor's era - and if David Tennant requested it, so much the better).

(Before anyone says anything - I know that tweet was a joke. But it's a very good one).

So, here is my theory - which will probably last until lunchtime - rather than getting Classic Doctors for the 50th, they're doing Classic adversaries or companions from each era (I'm throwing companions in there because - why the hell not?).  And since you want to give a nod to more than a handful of Doctors' eras - well, we've got Two, Four, Ten and Eleven covered... so what else can we do?

Going by the type of villains included so far - the Great Intelligence takes over and feeds on people's minds.  Zygons are shapeshifters and can impersonate anyone.  So what else can fit in that vein of psychological thriller-type baddie? (and is a relatively budget-friendly villain to pull off?)

(as portrayed in this freaky-deaky scene from "Kinda" - more info and spoilers here)
Do it, Moff! Do it for the 50th!

(Will it happen? Probably not.  Can a Fivey-fangirl dream? Heck yes she can!)

Seriously, though - the New Series has done Daleks to death.  They've also already incorporated Cybermen, Sontarans and Silurians. Let's do some more villains that are still in the sole realm of Classic Who. Zygons and the Great Intelligence are brilliant.  And I'm sure there is more excitement to come - so what else can we (possibly) expect to look forward to?

Man, theorizing might just be as much fun as actually watching the actual Special later this year.

(It's like the dam broke and we're finally getting a flood of news to mark this year of celebration. Wonder what the next bit of news will bring...)

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