Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Best of Everything - Happy Birthday America!

Hey America! It's the day we got out of that rotten relationship with Great Britain and put them permanently in the Friend Box! (they weren't too happy about it at first, but they soon got over it and wanted to be friends later).  And that means it's a day to post celebratory videos!

This first one is quickly becoming a tradition - the Muppets' version of "Stars and Stripes Forever"

The second is also a tradition around here: a mash-up of "The Patriot" and "John Adams" (music's awesome, FYI)-

The third - this is a new one this year and it'll probably become tradition too - a video from Steven Crowder talking about what American Culture really is -

So, enjoy your fireworks, beer and bratwurst, and pizza today.  Because that is what makes America awesome.

Happy Independence Day!

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