Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's Another Comic Con!

So, I hoped to have my next Librarian in the TARDIS review up today, but it's not quite ready.  I instead have a short "cj goes to Comic Con" post.

Salt Lake Comic Con starts tomorrow, which I am ALL KINDS of excited about!  I went and got my registration early and I'm already wearing my wristband because I was paranoid about losing it. The Salt Lake area does have a few smaller cons every year, but this is the first huge Comic Con we've ever gotten (and it's the first convention I will get to attend in my home state, which makes it that much special).

I will be working for a portion of the con - the Salt Lake County Library has a booth in the vendors hall (in conjunction with the Salt Lake City Public Library) and I will be working there Thursday afternoon from 4:00 until 8:00.  It's Booth 413, so come say hello!  On Friday and Saturday, I'll probably be wearing my Fifth Doctor hat which looks like this -

I thought about cosplaying, but wearing my Tenth Doctor costume at ToshoCON a few weeks ago was exhausting and for some strange reason, this first week of September has been intolerably hot and humid (the rest of the summer has been quite bearable - it's like Labor Day hit and summer decided it needed to make up for lost time or something).  Because of that, I'm opting not to cosplay at all unless the weather breaks by Saturday and coats and sweaters become a very good idea.  Anyway - if you're at the Con, that's the hat I'll be wearing, so say hello if you see me!

My plan is to keep up with Instagram and Twitter (3G/wifi connections and battery life willing) so even if you're not at the con, just follow my feeds there.  Also, you can follow the hashtag #SLComicCon if you want more con goodness.  There will certainly be follow-up reports afterward, so look for that as well.

All that's left now is to let Deadpool lead us all in a rousing rendition of his Comic Con parody song! (yes, I know it's talking more about San Diego Comic Con, but I can't help but hum "It's another Comic Con!" to myself all the time)

ETA 9/5/2013: This was totally an impromptu thing, but I will also be providing Side Trip updates for Traveling the Vortex throughout the duration of the convention.  The first one is up now - it's just a short preview I recorded last night about the things I was most excited for (and to make sure I knew what I was doing with all this audio recording stuff - they may make a podcaster of me yet! *looks sideways* Maybe...) Enjoy!


  1. Have fun! I saw the guest list, I don't know who I'm more jealous of who SLC CC is getting: Dorium, Q or the Fonz....

    1. Thanks! John de Lancie was only announced today and they're supposed to be announcing a surprise HUGE name tonight on the news (any minute now... my money's on Nathan Fillion, but I'll be glad with whoever).