Thursday, October 10, 2013

Missing No Longer

I've been posting all over Twitter and Facebook about the news and it seemed silly, in a year where the Librarian in the TARDIS has been hopping all over time and space, to not devote some blog space to this momentous event.

Turns out all those crazy, overblown rumors were true - at least, that there have been nine previously missing classic Doctor Who episodes recovered.  Details of the find and today's press screening are here (background info on missing episodes in general - if you need it - can be found here).  We now have "The Enemy of the World" in its entirety and "The Web of Fear," minus Episode 3 (which, undoubtedly, will be animated in due course for a future DVD release).

Some months ago, I borrowed the "Lost in Time" DVDs set from my local library and I, like many other Whovians, mourned the fact that I couldn't see these stories in their complete forms.  I was especially heartbroken after seeing the one episode of "The Enemy of the World" that was available (that was episode 3) because that seemed like a remarkably fun story (I loved Jamie and Victoria's interactions in that one - and how wonderful is it that we have more Victoria stories!  There are so few of hers available).  "The Web of Fear" seems to be one that's fairly well-loved that I just haven't gotten around to experiencing, but I love the Brigadier and that's his first appearance as the Brigadier (though he was Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart at the time), so that's just as exciting.

What's interesting is that the Great Intelligence featured heavily in the most recent season of Doctor Who, even though neither of the Classic Who serials that it was featured in were available.  But now, we have one of them ("The Web of Fear").  I don't mean anything by this - other than that's pretty serendipitous, if indeed it was a coincidence (I'm inclined to think that it is because the Great Intelligence didn't show up until last year's Christmas Special and that was filmed last August, so that's a hell of a long time to be sitting on news like this).

In the run-up to this announcement, everyone had their pet episodes and everyone was saying "I hope they find X!"  I admit, neither of these were on my radar, but I'm glad to have them nonetheless.  And of course, I hope that more are found.  But for now - I'm off to iTunes!

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