Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Who's Waldo - or Where's Doctor - Oh, You Know What I Mean!

Well, folks, we're in the homestretch regarding Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebrations (Librarian in the TARDIS is no exception - two more reviews to go!)  As such, the official promotions are ramping up.  Feast your eyes on the latest tribute trailer (which may end up being a teaser for "The Day of the Doctor) -

Plenty of fannish eye-candy as well as some vocal cameos (I caught both Peter Davison and Paul McGann's voices echoing Matt Smith's in a few places).  And if you're like me and want to pick out all the little treats hiding in this quick 1-minute trailer, Kasterborous has a fantastic shot-by-shot photo gallery on their Facebook page that you can pour over to your heart's content.

(Also - I'm kind of hoping we get this version of the theme on a soundtrack at the very least. It's probably too much to hope that it'll be in the actual special, but I actually love it).

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