Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trailer Alert! Trailer Alert! This Is Not A Drill!!

Shout it high to the heavens, my friends! The endless kvetching can now finally cease. For, my dear fellow Whovians - WE HAVE A TRAILER!!


Here are my initial impressions -

- Ten and Eleven comparing everything from sonics to brainy specs to TARDIS interiors.  And, further proving that you cannot have a Doctor Who anniversary special with the line about redecorating anything. I think that's when the DayQuil finally kicked in because I started bouncing up and down and fangirl-flailing all over the place (silently, because I was in the break room at work watching on my iPhone).  I love how that is a distinctive Patrick Troughton line and pays homage to his performance, but David Tennant makes it his own moment for his Doctor. And Matt Smith's reaction - beautiful!

- It's not Handy!Doctor! Sing praises to Rassilon and Omega! (I had a... let's just say discussion with a 19-year-old girl I met a few weeks ago who was so thrilled that Rose and Handy were coming back and I had to vehemently disagree with her and she didn't like that very much. We did not leave on pleasant terms).

- I'm not sure what to make of Rose's crypticness and all-knowing whatchamawhozits.  I don't think this is Series 2 Rose, neither do I think it's Alt!Universe Rose. I wonder if it's the TARDIS doing a "Bad Wolf" projection at the last minute and that's what we got? I dunno - but it makes me excited!

- We got the Doctors being funny and lighthearted - but I love, love, love, LOVE the darkness there at the end. I don't think any multi-Doctor story has really dealt with the ramifications of meeting your future self and the bad things that could possibly happen form that.  It gave me chills and I love it!

That's just a few of my initial thoughts. I gotta go watch it on loop about fifty more times before I'm completely satisfied.

ETA: BBC America has a version that puts the trailer with the version of the theme from the cameo-licious 50th Anniversary teaser trailer. I'm sort of hoping they use that theme tune in the opening credits of the actual special (pretty please?? I've been ever-so-good).

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  1. I've seen both trailers I don't know how many times, if it's possible to break the replay button on YouTube I might accomplish it!

    So much good stuff, Rose with Hurt's Doctor? If it's actual Rose how does she get on Gallifrey (because the Time War obviously takes place on Gallifrey, the Citadel looks utterly demolished in one scene!) I think Bad Wolf does come into play here, but I do wonder about your projection theory. From the trailers and production photos, none of the characters seem to notice/acknowledge Rose is there (except for the one part where she's waving to someone).

    There's a couple of shots where Kate Stewart seems to be in the room twice, same for the UNIT scientist girl (the one wearing a Baker-style scarf) in another shot, looks like the Zygons will be infiltrating UNIT?

    Hurt's Doctor has his own TARDIS?

    The Moment?

    Ten on a horse?

    Oh the possibilities with Ten and Eleven comparing sonic screwdrivers.....

    Ten's nod to Two when seeing Eleven's TARDIS interior!

    I could go on and on but I need to go watch the trailers again!