Monday, September 26, 2016

We Now Join Season Six, Already In Progress...

Recap/Review of Once Upon a Time Episode 6.01 - "The Savior"  SPOILERS!!

Hiatus does a soul good.

After the utter flustercluck that was Season 5's finale, I took some time away from OUAT fandom. Found some new projects to do and new things to enjoy. I don't even think I paid much attention to the Once team's yearly pilgrimage to SDCC. The season premiere actually kind of snuck up on, to be truthful.

I needed a break. Also, fandom as a whole can be a bit wearing on a person. Especially when that fandom is through Tumblr (I have a love-hate relationship with that site. As a blogging tool, it's great for a wide variety of things. In terms of some of the absolutely repulsive population that it inexplicably attracts, it needs to be burned to the ground. And not just because of the Once fandom. Figuratively speaking.)

I'm finding out more and more that I don't care for fandom's opinions on a lot of things. I suppose this comes from my day job where I give my opinions about various topics - popular and unpopular alike. I've learned to trust my own instincts and values. If someone expresses something I don't agree with, I can write my own opinion about said topic. Or podcast about it. I have too many avenues for expression to simply sit and fume about some so-and-so's ignorant stupidity.

So, what does this have to do with the season premiere of Once Upon a Time?

Nothing much. Only that during this break, I've learned not to get too attached to something that I want to have happen (or not happen, depending on what you're talking about). I'm not going to get political here, but I will point to the example of the current presidential election. In my opinion, we're borked no matter what. I would rather skip the entire messy business and simply not have a president for four years. Obviously, I'm not going to get my wish, so I'm resigned to at least four years of an utter political shitstorm, regardless of who wins. Now, I can either give into despair and despondency and wallow in my misery. Or, I can look for the few good things that might come of this and be pleasantly surprised when/if they happen.

That's what this season premiere was for me.

I have no expectations for this year, other than a slow progression around the bowl. Hopefully, there will be some nice moments here and there to enjoy, but I'm not expecting too much here.

For starters - I feel like this episode is dealing with events that should have been in the third or fourth episode. This season feels like it already started and I skipped a few parts along the way. Something big happened and I missed it. And, unlike previous seasons, there's not even a promise of flashbacks to know what that something was. It's just... fast forward an undefined amount of time, Hook and Emma are making out on the couch (which, I won't say no to) and SURPRISE AIRSHIP!

Um... all right?

Also - didn't we already have Emma freaking out about her Savior magic? Season 4? Double episode? She panicked so much that she almost let Gold suck her into a magic hat, but Elsa saved her from herself? Guys - a word of advice? This does NOTHING for my theory that y'all are running out of ideas.

THAT BEING SAID - Can I get a "PRAISE, HALLELUJAH!" for Belle? Because - against all odds and even while I was facepalming that we had another stupid Rumple-Gets-Redeemed-But-Not-Really B-Plot... that part actually felt new and exciting to me! Like, we're not going to spend a half-season with Rumple running after Belle in the dream world. In fact, Morpheus may be one of my new favorites (goodness knows I don't give a fig for Jekyll and Hyde right now). Because of the Actual Twist that he is Rumple and Belle's unborn son and HE gives Belle True Love's Kiss. And she can have an Actual Storyline that doesn't involve begging Rumple to "be a better man," which he has PROVEN he is incapable of doing.

I'm all for stories of forgiveness and redemption. But HOW MANY TIMES has Rumple proved that he cannot handle second chances? Or third chances? Or fourth chances? Or Infinity and Beyond chances?

So when I speak of being pleasantly surprised in this premiere, I'm talking about Rumple and Belle. Actually, I'm just talking about Belle. Belle surprised me. This Morpheus storyline might actually be worth following this year. And I am genuinely impressed. That's not saying that All Is Forgiven - that's saying that I'm willing to see where this goes.

And the less said about Amoeba!Regina, the better.

Next Time -

Programming Note: Yes, my joint-blogging project "Jared Watches Sailor Moon Crystal" will run concurrently with my regular reviews of Once Upon a Time. I am also kind of inclined to go back and review episodes of Once that I did NOT review last season, since I missed a whole bunch. While this means I will be BEYOND busy, this also means that I will be giving this blog some much-needed attention and it feels nice to be doing that again. Watch this space!

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