Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prayers Are Answered

Okay, so, I've had a pretty crappy few days (no details - that's all you need to know). And not twenty minutes ago, the phone rang and it was one of my friends from Florida, Keshia, calling out of the blue just to see how I was. And we started talking and I told her how I was feeling about things and life. And she just cheered me up with her attitude and personality. Man, I love this woman like she was my older sister - she's seen it all, but it doesn't matter. She doesn't play the victim and expect people to pity her. She goes out and uses her wisdom and experience to help others. And she helped me today, without even really knowing that I was struggling.

I'm so glad I met her! I haven't felt like I could talk to anybody about my problem because they'd think it was stupid or I was being selfish - and to be honest, I do feel a little selfish for feeling this way. But Keshia set me right - I don't have to feel selfish because everyone has something that weighs them down. But you need to walk out that door and thank the Lord for this day because it's a blessing. Stop living in the past, enjoy the present because that's what God gave you (direct quote from Keshia - considering what she's been through in her past, it carries a lot of weight). And everything is going to turn out okay.

I really owe a lot to Keshia - even though I'm supposed to be helping other people on my mission, she helped me a lot with my confidence and... well, to use her words: Before I went to Florida, I was Fluff. Now I'm a Rock. And because of my experiences, I'll be a Rock for my husband and children. And don't doubt because Satan wants you to doubt. But we can kick his sorry behind out of our lives!

(I'm just trying to get this all down before I have to go to work - and I had my blog up before Keshia called, so it was convenient)

She might even be coming up to visit - I felt bad when she asked me when I'd be coming to see her in Florida and I told I didn't know because I just don't have the money. But she said that was okay because she might have it worked out to where she could come up here next year. And to call her anytime, day or night.

It was good to talk to her.

I know Heavenly Father is mindful of us and He answers our prayers in unexpected ways. He answered mine today.

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