Monday, October 5, 2009

Update - It's Cold. And it Only Gets Colder

It seems that I only update when I watch football and not so much updating on regular-life things. So, this is the quick version from my weekend.

Friday - Drove to Salt Lake for my Emporia interview (for the people that I don't tell things to - which amounts to pretty much everyone - I'm applying to Emporia State University's Masters of Library Science program. They have a distance program that comes to Utah every two years and it's pretty sweet). Interview went great - don't want to jinx myself by saying anything else.

The interview was at 8:00 pm and the genius in me had planned to drive to Delta from Salt Lake that night. It really wasn't that bad. By the time I got to Delta, I was ready to put my feet up and watch a movie or something - if it wasn't midnight already.

Saturday - General Conference weekend - yay!!! Temples announced - double yay!!! (wish one was in Jacksonville - be a nice excuse to go visit... oh well...)

Mom had a Lia Sophia jewelry party. Not much to report there.

Sunday - more General Conference - and TiVo'd football (thanks Dad!) Indianapolis ate Seattle's lunch (why does Seattle have a football team, anyway?) - Mom's hatred of BYU is extending into the NFL. She says I can't cheer for the Colts because Austin Collie plays for them (I'm pretty sure she's being facetious, but sometimes it's hard to tell). As for me, I don't care. Sure, I have painful flashbacks to 2007 when he scored and beat the Utes in the last seconds every time I see him on screen (why-oh-why does he have to wear number 17?) - but as long as he doesn't screw anything up for the Colts, I can get over it. Bear in mind, the first touchdown pass he drops, he's dog food.

Sadly - the internet was down at home, which stunk.

Anyway, I came home after Conference (by the way - Elder Holland is wonderful. On my mission, I wished more than once that I could just play his talks for people as I tracted because he dominates the socks off everyone). It took me four and a half hours in the rain to drive back to Logan. I can't wait until I don't have to drive insanely long distances at the end of a weekend (feh - yeah right). On the other hand, I got a lot of good thinking done and worked out a few plot points for you book fan-types (all two of you).

Okay, dinner's ready and I have to go - yay for homemade chicken soup!!

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