Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well, I've Never Done This Before

You'd all laugh at me - I'm sitting here with a cold washcloth perched on top of my head because I cracked my head on the corner of our very poorly designed kitchen cabinet. And it won't stop bleeding (at least it isn't pooling blood like it was an hour ago - oy, that was scary). So, now I have a goose egg on my head (and I gave it a nice cold-compress nest to sit in. I'm sooo nice).

Just what you all wanted to know, I'm sure.

PS, The Colts won tonight. They basically won in the first half, so we football TV watching-types have to suffer through listening to Chicken Neck try to make a 28-9 game exciting. I almost feel sorry for Tennessee, but it's their fault for not playing better. But my vomit reflexes at all the Austin Collie-love are getting more and more under control. I guess it helps when he scores touchdowns for your team. It would make it easier if they didn't keep referring to the fact he went to Zoobie-land. My flashback reflexes are as good as any (again, I blame Collinsworth. Everything bad that happens is Collinsworth's fault because I can't stand the idiot).

Oh - here's another question that people can't seem to shut up about: According to the NFL Players Union, it's not okay that Rush Limbaugh wants to buy part of the St. Louis Rams. If it's so terrible that a political commentator wants to be involved in professional sports, why in the world is Keith Olbermann doing analysis for Sunday Night Football? I'm more irked that Dave Checketts is connected with the deal - it's his fault I can't watch the Utes on KJZZ anymore - him and his stupid mtn. scheme to fund his retarded soccer team. But that's neither here nor there.

If anyone stands to gain, it's the Rams. They've pretty much sucked the last few years (sorry, Mom, it's true). Rush Limbaugh is a football guru. He's not going to make a bad investment on a team that stinks (notice he's not buying part of the Detroit Lions). Insofar as owners have a bearing on team success, he's going to protect his investment by doing everything in his power (hiring decisions and what-have-you) to help the team do better. So - if players want to win, they can tell the players union to put a sock in it.

I'm pretty skeptical of players unions anyway (actually, unions of any kind are bad news). They're the reason professional seasons get locked out and everybody loses out on watching the games. As far as fans are concerned, players unions are run by Satan himself. Oh for the day when he is bound!!

(That was a long PS)

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