Monday, November 30, 2009

All That Angst... And The %$#*&! Just Walks Off

"Heroes" tonight - except I was posting mission pictures on Facebook (this is heavily overdue... and I am nowhere near being done), so I didn't pay attention well enough to do a full rehash this week. However, I do have a few comments to make.


Move Over Fonzi, Here Come the Bennets: We seem to be out of the shark-infested waters as far as Gretchen is concerned - but Daddy Bennet finds this Lauren chick. And that extremely low-cut top... doesn't help her case much. No wonder Claire wants to join the circus.

Just Where Are You Shooting Those Nails?: Sadistic!Peter with a nail gun - FTW!! (especially because it's Sylar - but Nathan isn't going to feel too good when he gets out and he's nailed to a table-board-thing)

(ADD Moment - Holy cow, New Orleans is picking the Patriots to pieces here! For tonight, I am a Saints fan ^_^ Hope the Pats don't pull a Peyton and come back in the last minutes.)

I Won't Let Go, Jack! Oh wait, never mind...: Peter and Nathan's little heart-warming moment gets ruined when "Nylar" falls... and just walks off. What the crap is Peter doing letting the %$#*&! walk off???? Dude - you have the ability! Get the... oh wait... we need material in January.

(ADD Moment 2 - WHYYYYYYY???? WHY are the commercials for Real Salt Lake Cat-Herding on ESPN??? The hell I'm buying tickets for your retarded communist plot. I wish the dream would die already... I'm still waiting for an NBA title.)

Montage: The ending bit with Hiro, Ando and Mohinder running through... somewhere. Where are they and when did that happen?

It's official: "Heroes" is less funny without Hiro Nakamura.

By the way - it's wonderful and fitting that Paul Kruger was the one to pick off the Steelers and get Baltimore the win last night (even though I like the Steelers). Kruger probably was having flashbacks to intercepting max hall last night. *snerk*

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