Thursday, November 5, 2009

*shakes head* Wishful Thinking **SPOILER WARNING**

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**SPOILER WARNING** If you aren't caught up to speed on the current season of "Heroes," I would suggest going to right now and watching the latest episodes rather than read this post.

sigh... ABC isn't as faithful as NBC or Fox on putting up new episodes. I've heard some good things about this new "V" show. Problem is, I didn't catch the pilot episode. So, I thought I'd just watch it on Hulu... yeah, they're not going to stream it until Saturday - with director's commentary and the like.

Mmmm... don'care... I just want to watch it. Forget all the fluffy frills, just let me watch the darn thing already!!

At least if I miss Heroes or 24, I will be assured of the new ep the next day.

Oh, speaking of Heroes, I have been watching it on Hulu (either my computer or my internet connection - or both - wreak havoc with life, so the quality is pretty jumpy. Or it must be Hulu - because I watch stuff on Veoh and it doesn't have issues). So far, it's pretty good. I should be recapping it on my blogs, just to give me something to write about since topics for gossip have been sparse lately.

Well, I'll just put them here.


Claire going to college - well and good. Gretchen's little crush - eeeesh... I swear, I had flashes of the Fonz on water skis over shark-infested waters. The possibility of the cheerleader going homosexual? My loyal readers know my feelings on this topic in general, so I won't go into to it here, but...puh-leaze - it sounds like something a horrible fan-fiction slash writer would come up with. It's been done, folks and not in a quality way. It's been so overdone that there is no possible way to bring it back from the Plotline Hell that it's been rightly condemned to. Have you guys been so stuck for inspiration that you have to troll for ideas? Or watch "American Pie"-type movies?

(for the record, I haven't seen any "American Pie" movies - but the homosexual cheerleader is just... it's one of those things that you don't think of as happening in real life, so people have to write it in trash fiction over and over again and... it's worn out. Sounds like something those kinds of movies would depict, anyway.)

Hiro - DYING???!!!! NOT COOL!! Keep in mind, I haven't seen last season and it's obvious I missed quite a bit. I tried to find some stuff on Wikipedia, but it's hard for me to follow. I guess I'll have to splurge and get the third season on DVD (Christmas is coming, after all). Anyway, Hiro dying is not cool (oh yeah, I covered that), but it is incredibly sweet how he is accepting it. But Charlie probably accepted it more three years ago than Hiro is now. Still - just the fact that Hiro's embracing his super-hero role even to the end... sigh... they can't really kill him, can they? *puppy-dog eyes*

Two things that broke my heart:

1. Hiro telling Kimiko that he's dying.
2. Butterfly Man telling Hiro that Charlie is trapped in some time-space whatever. (sorry - I'm bad with new character's names). A sad Hiro is not a happy thing. If you make Hiro sad - you are just a sick and twisted individual and you are going to roast in hell. There, I said it (so it is written, so shall it be done).

But can I get a big hand for Emma? (okay, sign language for "applause!!") Seeing sounds as colors? That is stinking cool! And whatever offensive/defensive properties this has - that's just amazing!

Matt's just always had bad luck. No good deed goes unpunished. And it seems that Noah Bennet is having the same problem. Oy - I'm starting to think it pays to be a bad guy (well, until the season finale, that is... but even then... forget I brought it up...)

Sylar. Sylar, Sylar, Sylar... you're life is just screwed up, man. But I prefer the vulnerable, innocent(ish) amnesia'd version. Much less trouble. Unless your name is Matt Parkman. Then you simply hate life.

...sigh... Oto-san Nakamura's dead - Daddy Bennet is living in the projects, yet we still have Mama Petrelli causing all kinds of heartburn. When can we call in a meteor strike on her house? Or the Haitian? Something! I'm getting tired of her BS. Maybe Peter can put us out of our misery with that wall-cracking rainbow-sound thing he picked up from Emma?

So far, that's all I've got. Or at least all that's stuck so far. More will come later, I'm sure.

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