Thursday, March 8, 2012

Something Cheerful to Brighten Your Day

Now, I'm no licensed professional (re: people who majored in music and drama in college and who have been in cat food commercials since they were in diapers and Who Know Everything There Is To Know About Performing Arts And Their Expertise Must Not Be Questioned By The Unwashed Rabble), but since I found Tiffany Alvord on YouTube, I've made it a point to seek out the rest of her stuff.  One reason is that when I was in high school, I dabbled in music a bit and took voice lessons.  Now, I wasn't as good as those people who were musically inclined from the womb, but I did all right.  But I remember one thing my voice teacher told me - I could not practice a song that was originally sung by a male singer because of octaves and pitch and something else that I don't remember.

My problem with that - most female singers sing songs about romantic mush-crap or about breaking up and killing the guy that broke their heart.  That may be fine for a while, but it gets old. Fast. Plus, the songs I like tend to be things like OneRepublic and Coldplay and The Killers - alternative music that has some pretty unique lyrics and are just fun to sing.  Take "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay - it's about the monarchies of the past (mainly European) becoming obsolete because historical events have made them so.  "Human" by The Killers is about taking off from what you've known all your life and deciding what kind of person you're going to be.  The the second verse is actually quite profound (and the music video has so much pretty in it - pretty kitties, pretty Monument Valley, pretty Brandon Flowers...) Those are just a few examples of songs that I like to sing and it'd be cool to see a female singer or group do something like that.  Tiffany Alvord's starting to do that with her covers of various artists and I like it and I hope she keeps doing it.  Maybe she'll get her own record deal and do original songs. You never know.

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