Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tribute to Andrew Breitbart - Relentless and Brave

The big news today is that Andrew Breitbart has passed away.  To say this was unexpected is an understatement - it took me all day to finally process the news enough to post about it.

In true Andrew Breitbart fashion, here's his CPAC speech from last month.  I know it's going to tweak off the leftists out there and that's why I'm posting it.  And in a way, his experiences are very similar to mine. Enjoy.

Breitbart showed us conservatives that we don't have to put up with the crap some on the left throw at us (and it gets thrown a lot - believe me).  We don't have to stand back and be ~*~nice~*~ while the other side can call us names and attack our beliefs.  We can go on the offensive and call them out on their BS (about time, too).  He was a pitbull when it came to uncovering corruption and double-standards and it was an honor to have him on our side.  My prayers go out to his family, friends and associates.

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