Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And Another Thing...

(with apologies to Douglas Adams...)

This water grab is sort of like two kids who were given identical toy trucks to play with.  One kid rams his toy truck into the wall and breaks it.  The other kid plays nice and his toy stays intact.  Broken-Truck-Kid whines that Not-Broken-Truck-Kid should give up his not-broken-truck so the first kid can play with it and probably break it so then no one can have toy trucks to play with.

Las Vegas broke all their other water rights.  We in Snake Valley have taken care of ours and we have something productive and successful to show for it.  Why should we have to give up our nice things just so Vegas can ruin it?  We've used our resources responsibly for hundreds of years.  They've shown they can't take care of the water rights they already have.  Why would Snake Valley and the State of Utah trust Vegas and SNWA to take care of our water?

Something to think about.

ETA: (Oh, I guess it was Eoin Colfer who wrote "And Another Thing..." - but it was Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series he was continuing.  Carry on).

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