Friday, July 18, 2014

Darker, Grittier, Spikier (But Also With DINOSAURS!)

I'm behind on EVERYTHING lately. I just realized I never posted the full-length trailer for Doctor Who, Series 8! Let me just fix that now -

I'm intrigued at the new direction the show is going. Doctor Who is probably the only show (that I'm aware of, at least) that you can make such a huge tonal shift and the audience continues to accept it. When Peter Capaldi was first announced, we all knew (theoretically) that he was going to be so different from Matt Smith. And I think we got a good glimpse of that in this trailer. Certainly, he's going to have some goofball moments (what Doctor doesn't?) but I think I'm going to enjoy this slightly darker, spikier Doctor that they're showing us here. And it'll be interesting to see Clara's initial uncertainty about this new Doctor and then slowly accept him as her best friend (we all know that's going to happen at some point - it's how that will happen that is going to be fun to see).

(Also - a T-Rex in London!)

Still excited for Series 8! Eagerly counting down the days to August 23!

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