Monday, October 24, 2016

One Jump Ahead

Review/Recap of Once Upon a Time Episode 6.05 "Street Rats" - SPOILERS!

Can I just say how great the opening of this episode was? You've got Jafar going on about the rise of thievery and crime in Agrabah and how it will not be tolerated... meanwhile, Aladdin is just casually stealing random crap from the marketplace stalls.

Way to be vigilant there, Jafar.

So, here's an episode where events in the past parallel events in the present. Kind of Once's bread and butter. And I must say - it's nice when the parelleling events involve different characters on both sides. It's one of the things I liked most about the Frozen arc - showing that everyone has problems. Not just Snow White. And it allowed the show to branch out into other stories without having to shoehorn absolutely everybody in a set time-frame.

Also - Jafar was... not quite the bad guy. Well, he was. But he also had his own agenda that I don't 100% disagree with, even if he is a scumbag otherwise (Wow. If that doesn't sum up Election 2016, I don't know what does). It's like finding out someone you completely despise likes the same sports team that you do. You feel icky about it, but you're not going to change your mind just because of that. But you still need a shower every time you think too much about it.

Sure, Jafar was trying to rule Agrabah by mind-controlling the Sultan and stopping Princess Jasmine and Aladdin and be the slimey villain. Definitely a Certified Bad Guy. But for the overall story-arc - I agree with Hook in the end. Keep those shears in your jacket pocket, just in case.

The last resort, if you will.

Yes... it doesn't hurt that Jafar was played by Oded Fehr. I've had a wee fangirl crush on him since The Mummy.

Evil is yummy.
What else in this episode? The Evil Queen impersonated Archie. That can't have been pleasant for her. She who has to change into a new villainous outfit every scene? Wearing glasses and practical loafers? Please.

Zelena is still my favorite. I harbor a slight hope that she and Baby Robin will go back to Oz and be mother-daughter Wicked Witches together. We still don't know what happened to the Sisterhood back there. I think that storyline needs to be revisited.

Henry. Poor, poor Henry. I honestly hadn't thought about his role in Emma's Savior-ness until now. That he would feel guilty for bringing her to her ~*~destiny~*~ in the first place. But that was extremely well-done. Especially after the (supposed) blow of discovering that Aladdin was really dead...

...Except he wasn't. He just did some special magicky-thing to make it seem like he was never in Storybrooke. Because the town sheriffs were too busy saving the world (but what was Will Scarlet's excuse? Was he just a poor representative of the Fairy Tale Thief Guild? Look, the two have eerily similar accents. Certainly not the same actors, but there's a lot in Aladdin that reminded me of Will.)

Anyway - that's the Aladdin episode - the one the ABC suits were DYING for everyone to stick around for and boost ratings. I haven't seen whether it was successful or not. But there is more to come. And I'm still sticking around.

Next time - IT'S A HOOK EPISODE! YAY!!!

I'm sorry - what were y'all saying? All I see is a wet-n-shirtless pirate captain :3

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