Thursday, October 13, 2016

That Time A Disney Mouse Saved The Day

Recap/Review of Once Upon A Time Episode 6.03 - "The Other Shoe" SPOILERS!

Yeah... so I liked this episode. Quite a bit. It felt like a throwback to the first season (bringing back Cinderella and filling in the rest of her OUAT!verse story helped a ton).

This is going to be a "Stream of Consciousness" post, because that was the best way for me to do this.

First off, Hyde is kind of... pointless? Other than to just be an info-dump source for the Land of Untold Stories.

Hook with the baby. Too damn cute. Foreshadowing? Yeah, probably. Especially given what happens in the end of the episode.

Snow helping the prince track down Cinderella was a nice touch. One of the few times that she was shoe-horned into the story and it didn't actually feel like she was shoe-horned in.

The whole flow of the story felt like it this narrative belonged here. Even down to Emma tracking Ashley/Cinderella with her shoe. AND Snow's determination to make Storybrooke an Actual Functioning Town with a school and things - that's not the worst things she's ever thought of (though Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll as science teachers might be a little sketch). It's like... they decided that they're going to make Storybrooke the town that it was originally meant to be. With fairy tale characters running a modern(ish) small town in the real world. But this time, without a curse forcing them to do these things.

Still waiting for that Once Upon a Time and iZombie crossover. If this episode didn't already bring it together.

Also - Gus-Gus was in this episode! I ADORE the mice from the Disney Cinderella, so that was a great touch. Also nice that Gus had his little shirt and hat. TOO CUTE!

AND Gus was basically the hero of the flashbacks portion of the episode!

The Evil Stepmother was AMAZING. I praised the look of her in last week's promo, but her character and acting was just great. If this is the only episode she's in, it was worth it.

(Can't remember what happened to the other stepsister, though. If anything. Maybe that'll get picked up later? It's okay if it doesn't. Not everything has to be spelled out for us)

Grumpy telling Emma that they got Dopey out of the tree from Season... what-cha-ma-who-zit... and that they didn't need her help for it. That REALLY should have been a bigger clue for Emma to STOP HER DAMN WORRYING because - I'll bet you dollars-to-donuts - however she gets out of this GRIM-AND-DARK vision-y scenario, it's not going to be as bad as she's making it out to be.

Sort of wish Archie had thought to point that out to her. Preferably before she swallowed the line about Hook moving in with her.

Also - there REALLY needs to be a ginormous fairy-tale wedding by the end of this season.

That's what I've got. And here's a Next Time promo -

They are REALLY desperate for people to stick around for Aladdin and Jasmine, aren't they? Sheesh...

I'm slowly getting back on board with this. I approve of where this is going. Happily. Keep it going, people!

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