Wednesday, March 15, 2017

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Review/Recap of Once Upon A Time Episode 6.12 "Murder Most Foul" - SPOILERS!

Can I just pretend the episode ended on Captain Charming
being best buddy bros? Please?
Sigh... that ending.

But before we get there, there's a beginning and a middle to tackle. So let's do this.

Robin Hood gets to be the "Fish Out Of Water." Erm... again. Though this time, it's even MORE Fish-Out-Of-Water-y, because this version of Robin Hood didn't live the life that the previous Robin Hood did. In addition to figuring out how alarm clocks work, Robin is trying to work out his relationship with Regina and - he/not-he has a daughter with Regina's sister... oh good grief, this is going to get complicated.

At least Regina is realizing how nutty this all sounds to an outsider.

Though that bit with Snow giving Regina "advice" was kind of out of left field. Not Snow's advice, per se. But given the rest of the episode centered on Charming losing sleep (literally) over his dad and refusing to wake Snow up until this mystery is solved... I just was left wondering "Why are you awake, lady?"

Timey-wimey, etc.

So - tonight the part of Hamlet will be played by David Nolan (does that mean Hook is Horatio?) Seriously, this whole episode was basically a riff on Hamlet and Charming trying to avenge his father's death at the hands of (he thinks) the evil king who... stole his twin brother thanks to a deal with Rumple... Okay, it doesn't quite parallel completely, but it was still a clever spin on it. Not to mention a good way for the OUAT Writers Room to incorporate Shakespeare without us having to do a whole "Journey From Storybrooke To Stratford-upon-Avon!" story arc in a future season.

(Okay, it would be more like the Globe Theatre, but my version sounded better in my head.)

But what I did like about this episode was the treatment of Charming and Hook's relationship. At first, I thought they were going to be taking some MAJOR steps backward, seeing as how these two are practically best buddies. I even mentioned it last week with the promo - I have no idea how they go away with calling Charming and Hook an "unlikely partnership." Seriously guys - are you watching the same show I am? Even without their respective affections for Emma (David as her dad, Killian as her main squeeze), these guys respect the hell out of each other and have done so for three seasons running.

But then, it turns into Killian being David's Voice of Reason, once it's clear that David has gone completely 'round the twist, thanks to his worry over Snow, Emma, and now discovering that his father might not have died in the way that he was led to believe.

Killian isn't so much an "unlikely partner" as he is the designated driver (when he's not handcuffed to a bike rack, that is).

I did appreciate August being able to give David a sense of what Papa Nolan's last hours were like - that he hadn't fallen off the proverbial wagon and slid back into his drunkard ways. That he was actually trying to piece their family back together, even if he was unsuccessful. That was a beautiful and touching scene. Killian later asking David for his blessing in proposing to Emma was just the cherry on top of the feels sundae.

(It's amazing that the OUAT writers could pull that off. I mean, could you imagine me saying that anything else would be more exciting to me than impending wedding bells for Captain Swan? Kudos, writers. Kudos to you.)

But... sigh... the ending.

The MINUTE that August rode up with those storybook pages, I KNEW something was going to go tits-up. August coming in on his bike NEVER ends in anything good. At first, I thought he was going to try to stop Killian from proposing to Emma (how he would have done that directly, I haven't a clue). I breathed easy again when he was just dropping off the pages... but then Killian looked at the pages and THAT'S when I knew that... well... see the headline of this post.

OF ALL THE PEOPLE to flashback and show killing David's dad for real... WHYYYYYYYY did it have to be Captain Hook? Why couldn't Evil King George's mooks just done their job and we could have gotten on with our lives?? I mean - David proudly acknowledged that Killian had come a long way from being that murderous and terrible human being that he used to be - why can't we just enjoy a lovely character moment and reflect on the personal growth of our beloved pirate captain?

Ugh. Anyway.... NEXT WEEK -

Rumple-centric? Is this Kylo Ren facing down Han Solo? Hm... the mind boggles...

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