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They Call Him Barkeep

Review/Recap of Once Upon A Time Episode 6.15 "A Wondrous Place" - SPOILERS!

Never miss a chance to appreciate a good "ayebrow" :)
As much angst as they tried to put into this episode - it really wasn't that sad. Or suspenseful. And I never felt like there was a whole lot at stake here (except for one thing, which is probably obvious). Don't get me wrong - that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the episode. In fact, it was quite fun!

The prospect of Princess Jasmine and Ariel working together fills my Disney fangirl heart with much glee and joy. Along with Belle, those two were the Disney Princesses of my formative years (though I don't know out OUAT!Belle would have been able to join the party, given that she has other things in this storyline to worry about. And yes, that is a welcome concept). So, Jasmine and Ariel are besties and it's great!

The only thing in this episode I could even be remotely worried over is the good ship Captain Swan. After last week's *headdesk*-inducing stupidity, I really couldn't stop rolling my eyes at Emma and everyone thinking that Hook had abandoned her. Okay - fine. He kept a secret and wasn't sure how to tell the truth, or even if he should (again, would it have been really so horrible if Hook had just kept quiet about Charming's dad? Years had passed, everyone had grieved and moved on. I'm just... GAH!)

But AFTER EVERYTHING YOU TWO HAVE BEEN THROUGH - how can you possibly think that he would have just taken off or that any of this was solely his fault? Other than the fact that Emma pretty much told him to pound sand. And Storybrooke is not that big of a town.

I dunno - there's been plenty of Idiot Ball being thrown around the last few weeks. I still can't believe that this almost become too much for Emma and Killian to overcome. Sure, they can face down giants and demonic Lost Boys and wicked witches and evil queens and dark magic and the FREAKING DEPTHS OF HELL for each other. But one minor misunderstanding? That's what nearly kills your relationship?

BLAH! And again I say BLAH!

I did appreciate drunk!Snow playing darts with those viking dudes, though. That was fun.

As for the Aladdin and Jasmine plotline - it was a good sideshow from the manufactured Captain Swan drama. I did appreciate the parts with Aladdin and Jasmine separately trying to get relationship advice from Killian and Killian just being annoyed with them. It was also nice to have their True Love story work out the way it did as well. I mean, that was basically a foregone conclusion, once Jasmine figured out what the crap was going on.

Also - Oded Fehr as Jafar.

Yep. That is all.

Just how fun was he as Genie-Jafar? As though I couldn't love him even more! And I don't typically like evil villains. But, it's Oded Fehr! Come on!

(I think I need him and Victoria "Cruella" Smurfit to come back and snark at each other. I would enjoy that very much).

I'm trying to think if these kinds of last-minute misdirects have been part of OUAT for a while and I'm just now noticing them, or if they've just gotten better at doing them. Because I figured Aesop-as-the-bartender was just a way for Emma to voice out loud what bothered her the most about Killian leaving.

BUT THEN, we end up with him really being Gideon and he has the "tears of the Savior" (since when is that a thing? Good grief - making up magic rules as we go...) So that means that Killian can't come back until Emma does what he wants?

And it's like - Oh NOW Gideon wants to ask for help? After he's been a jackhole and threatened everyone and been a general annoying pain-in-the-neck?

If he'd gone the "ask for help" route before, I'm certain Emma and Team Storybrooke would have been more amenable to giving him what he wanted. As it is, he's just been a smarmy, petulant, little Justin Bieber clone that nobody (except his parents, I guess) wants around. And he almost broke Emma and Killian up, which I can never forgive.

Moral of the Story: You can never go back to a first impression.

Next week -

Oh - and why did Ariel keep the ring after Agrabah was freed from it? Might that come in handy later?

Hold onto that thought.

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