Monday, December 27, 2010

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol SQUEE Post

Note: I posted this on my LiveJournal on Christmas Day right after I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special.  Today, however, I realized that I didn't post it here, which is a travesty on my part (may I be forgiven).  So, a few days late, but never a dollar short (well, I try not to be) - here is the first of what I hope to become a tradition - and not just at Christmas.

**begin post**

My nerves are frazzled - and that all came before 7:00.  All day - ALL DAY - our electricity was blinking on and off.  Our phone and our internet were down at random times.  We had to open presents this morning in the dark (though the sun came up toward the end of the process) and breakfast was cold cereal.  The power eventually came back on - then it blinked off and on at random intervals during the day.

Happy Christmas...



Not that I'm complaining - but when you have the DVR set to record "Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol" on BBC America at 7:00 pm, you sort of want it to, you know, WORK!

Well, it did.  Mostly.  The power blinked off for about five minutes in the middle, but it came right back on (luckily, some of what I missed was commercials) and I was able to enjoy the happiness and glee that is experiencing an episode of "Doctor Who" (somewhat) simultaneously with the rest of the world.  Below the are some of my initial "OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!" responses.  None of these are very coherent - in fact, I'll be surprised if you see any semblance of proper English grammar (but there are spoilers - now, those you might actually figure out).


Arthur Darvill's been upgraded to top billing in the opening credits - HECK YES!!!!

Fish flying through the clouds that like opera music - clouds that can only be controlled by the hands of a grumpy old miser - a crash-landing honeymoon flight - Welcome to Christmas, Steven Moffat!

(or should it be Welcome to Steven Moffat, Christmas!)

On a personal note for my viewing experience: the power blipped off right as the Doctor and the young Kazran were about to be eaten by a shark. Yeah - Santa Moff + Fritzing Power Grid = SPAZ!

The Doctor and Kazran visiting Abigail throughout the years - fez, scarf, bowties = aksghuiae aksdgh sakjdgh askjdgh asdsfdssdYES!!!!!!!!!!!

I was trying to catch something that might possibly hint at what the upcoming season would be about (example - "The Christmas Invasion" briefly introduced Torchwood, "The Runaway Bride" made mention of Mr. Saxon, I don't remember if "Voyage of the Damned" had anything to do with Series 4… though Grandpa Wilf was there - but if I remember correctly, Bernard Cribbins' inclusion in that season was a last-minute change due to unforeseen circumstances in casting) - but the only thing that I could peg as a useful hint to the new season was Rory taking a call from a certain "Marilyn."

Except… there was this line - "Things have to end, otherwise, how would things get started?" (something like that. I'm quoting from memory here). O_O O_O O_O O_O

(Have I mentioned I don't like it when DW makes mention of endings????) DX DX DX DX DX

Llama Face

Preview SQUEEage - "Stetsons are cool!" ^_^ Pirates!! (at least, I think they were pirates) - the Doctor taking over the Oval Office - tally marks on River AND Amy - Amy has to save the Doctor - and a lot of other stuff that I can't properly remember because there was so much and I'm going absolutely bonkers over it!!

(I just realized... I need some Matt Smith gifs... barring that - anything with Karen Gillan or Arthur Darvill or even Alex Kingston would work too...)

Now, I need to post this before something goes berserk again!

ETA: I finally got to rewatch this in it's entirety - meaning I caught the approx. 5 minutes I missed - and I must amend my earlier statement that the power blip didn't cause me to miss too much - I missed an entire plot point! The part I missed was the part where the Doctor "marries" Marilyn Monroe (or so we are led to believe) and Abigail and Kazran kiss and Kazran begins his descent into jaded-grumpy-"Life's-not-fair"-old-man.  Damn you, Mt. Wheeler Power!!! *shakes fist*

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