Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Strangest Post I've Ever Posted

I'm leading off with my football picks and then I'll go on with some other important stuff

Colts @ Titans - Listen up, Colts - I have picked you since the beginning of the season and here my loyalty is rewarded with a pitiful 6-6 record and we're playing for a freaking WILD CARD SPOT???  DOUBLE-YOU-TEE-EFF??? whyyyyyyyyyy?  ...sigh... I guess I shouldn't abandon my boys now - but I'm afraid that I'm just bad luck.  Oh, what the heck - Colts.

Browns @ Bills - Poody.  Just... poody.  Browns

Falcons @ Panthers - Are you kidding me?  This matchup isn't even fair - Falcons.

Packers @ Lions - Packers

Raiders @ Jaguars - Jaguars

Giants @ Vikings - Giants, Giants, GIANTS!!! (ftw)

Bengals @ Steelers - Steelers

Buccaneers @ Redskins - As much as I want the 'Skins to win... I think the Bucs are better (renaissance year in Washington notwithstanding).

Rams @ Saints - Saints

Seahawks @ 49ers - Neither are that good, but I like the Niners

Broncos @ Cardinals - What is this, making me pick between Bad or Worse? (and I'm not sure which is which).  Broncos

Patriots @ Bears - the Bears are good... but the Patriots are better (darn it).  Excuse me whilst I vomit - and select the Patriots (now watch, this'll be the the week they choke)

Dolphins @ Jets - Jets

Chiefs @ Chargers - KC

Eagles @ Dallas - Dallas is even further on my poop-list from last week's Colts-beating shenanigans and I choose the Eagles

Ravens @ Texans - Ravens

Tomorrow is our play and I'm really excited for it.  I'm nervous, to be sure, but I'm also excited.  The kids are ready to rock and roll and I'm ready for... something big to go down.  I've just had a lot of fun doing this.  I almost want to do another play in the spring (almost).

And - for something completely different - I've been reading the "Mark Reads" blog, where this guy named Mark reads books chapter-by-chapter and he reviews them.  Currently, he's reading "The Hunger Games," (which I loved and am on my second read-through) and he's read all of "Harry Potter" and "Twilight."  I'm reading through his thoughts on HP - I tried to read the "Twilight" ones, but there was too much WTF-ery for me to process (and some of his anti-LDS sentiments sent me seething.  It was better to avoid it altogether).  I do love reading his thoughts as he read HP because it reminded me of the absolute joy and giddiness that I experienced when I read all the HP books for the first time.  I am a big enough person I can set aside larger differences (religion, politics, etc.) for the pure love of fandom (what can I say - I hold out hope that there is somewhere in this world that people can get over these ticky-tack differences and find something - however small and/or seemingly insignificant - that they can agree on).

However, some comments in the blog (and some lines from Mark himself) brought up some questions of morality and sexuality (don't ask me how these things happen - the internet practically invented random tangents) and that got me pondering about my own thoughts on the topic.  Sort of an odd thing for me to be musing over (if you know me, you probably know that this is something I've never been comfortable with discussing - that's just how I roll), but I've run into some articles about how sexuality is viewed in society - whether it's from a religious or secular standpoint - and I've become fascinated by what others have said.  I'm not about to change my opinion on the subject (unless something earth-shattering happens, but how earth-shattering is another topic), but I do like learning about what other people think and why they think that.  It's something I'd like to expound upon for myself, but not in a way you might expect.  I've got to think it over, though, so give me a while.

(Wow - that was the weirdest post I've ever written - everything from football to sex... And... I'm going to leave it at that...)

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