Thursday, December 2, 2010

NFL Picks - Lucky 13

And we welcome you to Week 13!  Roll on with the picks -

Houston @ Philly - I flipped a coin and it said Houston... but my first instinct was to go with the Eagles, and I typically like my first instinct, so that's what I'm going with.

Buffalo @ Minnesota - Minnesota

Cleveland @ Miami - Miami

Jacksonville @ Tennessee - If Tennessee wins, that helps the Colts.  But I don't think it'll happen (darn it).  Sigh... Jaguars (but come on Titans!)

New Orleans @ Cincinnati - New Orleans

Denver @ Kansas City - KC

Washington @ New York Giants - Giants

Chicago @ Detroit - Chicago

San Francisco @ Green Bay - Green Bay (it was so sad watching Monday Night Football last week and the commentators make all kinds of jokes at the NFC West's expense... wish they would pick it up...)

Oakland @ San Diego - My pick is San Diego, but due to the outcome of a certain game last week that I can think of, I will be cheering for Oakland (I really don't like the Chargers.  They aren't yet to the level I hate Dallas or New England, but they're making a case for it).

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay - Ooooh... this should be an unusually good one. The Falcons are hot, so I'm going with them.

Dallas @ Indianapolis - I have long since resigned myself to the fact that this is just not Indy's year.  However, that does not mean I'm going to abandon them now, and especially NOT against Dallas.  Colts by 7.

St. Louis @ Arizona - It will be a cold day in hell when I throw my chips in for a team that has max hall on it - even if he's just a backup (watch... he'll get traded to someone I like in the off-season - just watch).  St. Louis.

Carolina @ Seattle - Seattle

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore - Another one that promises to be a barn-burner.  But I like the Steelers, so I will go with them.

New York Jets @ New England - The lesser of two evils: Jets.

Current Standings - Last week's results garnered 12-4 (though, I happily relinquish any points because of a Rams win).  Record-to-Date: 78-41

Now, off to finish my final LI843 project.  I need to come up with something interesting and fun about fonts and typography in web design.  Seeing as I'm a bit of a newspaper/yearbook layout junkie, you'd think this would be right up my alley.  HA!  And again, I say - HA HA!  It's converting that information into a decent-ish website that's the problem.  Well... I guess I'd better get started...

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