Friday, December 17, 2010

Sorta Dropped the Ball...

Just to "dress up" my blog for Christmas (and because I like putting off-topic videos on my posts), here are Matt, Karen and Arthur with a fun little Christmas performance just for you all ^_^

Ever since Thursday Night Football started, my pick schedule's been all messed up.  So, I'm just going to skip that game and make picks for the rest of the week (but some quick commentary - I thought that the Niners would at least make an effort against the Chargers.  Good grief...)

New Orleans @ Baltimore - Saints

Arizona @ Carolina - Arizona (not because I like them, but because anyone who picks Carolina to win anything this year is an idiot)

Cleveland @ Cincinnati - Cleveland

Washington @ Dallas - I really don't know about this... I mean, McNabb's not exactly the greatest thing since sliced bread, but Rex Grossman is... well, Rex Grossman.  Well... I guess I'll go with Washington anyway (stranger things have happened)

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis - Okay, I'm crossing my little fangirl fingers here... a win can only help Indy, so please, please, please, PLEASE football gods let the Colts win!

Buffalo @ Miami - Miami

Philadelphia @ NY Giants - Giants (please???)

Kansas City @ St. Louis - Kansas City

Detroit @ Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay

Houston @ Tennessee - murgh... oh fine - Houston

Atlanta @ Seattle - Atlanta

Denver @ Oakland - I want to say Oakland, but I think Denver is going to be all about paying back for that 59-14 loss back in October... but then I see that Oakland actually has a better record than Denver... but then I remember that it's not about records at all... but then I remember I have a nickel in my pocket and I can flip for my pick! *flips coin* Tails - Oakland

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh - If anything, this past year has proven that the Jets are the new Cincinnati Divalicious weirdo team and it's coming back to bite them in the butt *cackles evilly*  Pittsburgh

Green Bay @ New England - Dear heaven above - PACKERS!

Chicago @ Minnesota - Chicago

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