Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Important Announcement!!!

I've kind of kept quiet about my personal life lately, with good reason.  I have family and friends who tend to go overboard with certain types of expectations and I never wanted to get my hopes up.  But now things are official and it's kind of pointless to keep this quiet and everyone's going to hear about it, so they probably ought to hear it from me first.

I'm engaged.

No, seriously! You laugh, but a few months ago I met this really awesome guy named Dave.  I'd taken a lot of sub shifts at the Whitmore Library one week and he came in while I was working the front desk.  It was really slow (like, pretty much dead) and he started talking to me - found out that he's really into science fiction and fantasy, but he's really cool about it.  The next day, he was back at the library.  I saw him a few times from the backroom, but I didn't think anything of it and just assumed that he lived close by.  The third day I was there, he was there again and he asked me out!  A bunch of his friends were going to watch some movies and he invited me to come, so I did.  And we really hit it off!  Before I went home, he asked me out again - this time, it would just be me and him.  He said he'd make dinner and then we'd go to a movie (he's actually quite a good cook - he made the most fabulous pulled pork BBQ in the world!)

Since then, we've become the best of friends - he's pretty much the most wonderful man in the entire world (though he's not much of a Doctor Who fan.  He likes it well enough, but I have some convincing to do to get him to come to Gallifrey with me next year. We might be able to trade off - if I go to a Star Trek convention for him or something. We're working on that) and I am the luckiest girl right now!

Oh yes, you'll all want to hear how he proposed (sorry, not used to all the ~*~girly~*~ flutters - it's really surreal).  He called me Friday night, but I was at work so he left a message.  He called to tell me that he was stranded in downtown Salt Lake (he's got the worst beater Hyundai. I think it's more chicken wire and rubber bands than actual car) and he needed a lift.  He'd made it as far as the new City Creek mall, but *ahem* "Old Reliable" wasn't going anywhere else.  So, I drove clear into downtown, found a parking meter (bear in mind, it is General Conference weekend, so there's a lot of out-of-towners taking in the sights), put in some change and called him.  He said that he was at the fountain next to the South Visitors Center on Temple Square, which I thought was a little odd, considering that's somewhat out of the way from where I thought he'd be.  But if you have to wait somewhere after dark, you could certainly do a whole lot worse than Temple Square.  I walked over to the fountain and I saw him sitting there in a nice suit.  By now, I wondering what the heck is going on.  But then he got down on one knee and proposed (rather loudly - again, this is Temple Square the night before General Conference and there are TONS of people around).  Long story short - I said yes and we hugged and he kissed me and people applauded and took pictures and there was lots of crying (I told Dave I'd say I did most of the crying - but he has a little something-something stuck in his eye too).

So, yep - I'm engaged and I'm totally thrilled by it.  We haven't settled on a date (honestly - I just got used to the idea of ever getting married!), but it will be at the Salt Lake Temple and just look for the details when the come out, okay?

Oh, and we did take pictures of the ring and us after he proposed (note how red my eyes are).  You can see those pictures here.


  1. Agh, you completely fooled me! Well played, Chrissy, well played indeed...

  2. D'oh! Suckered in as well. Was all set to make sure we offer up congrats on the podcast tonight...