Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Truth, Consequences, and a Drill Bit

Review/Recap of 24: Live Another Day, Episode 6, 4:00 pm-5:00 pm - SPOILERS!

For some reason, lately my ad blocker has been hiding the Hulu ads. All I get is a black screen with a plea for me to let Hulu show me ads. Considering the Fox shows on Hulu seem to have the dumbest ads known to the world of television (lawyers for trees??? I ask you...), I can happily decline that offer.

All right - Jack's in with the President and he's got a plan. And the President is even on board with the idea (as well as sounding like he's caught a cold in the last five minutes... Eh, that's TV for you). Even better - Jack's requesting my latest girl crush Kate Morgan as his wingman. It's like all my birthdays have come at once!

So - remember how Stephen Fry is playing the British Prime Minister in this show? And he's been woefully underused to this point? I should really keep my mouth shut about such things. Because the moment PM Fry gets screen time, he (A) Finds out that President Heller's been seeing a neurologist and (B) Decides to play the part of the Hostile-Yet-Well-Meaning-Government-Official and put a monkey wrench into Jack's plan, even though Heller trusts Jack at this juncture. Well, I guess if the US is on Jack's side, somebody's got to step in and be the brick wall in Jack's life.

Speaking of brick walls, Mark Boudreau continues to be an ass (more on the story as it develops). But it turns out that forging the President's signature is a patently Bad Idea. Because Mark let his Overprotective Jealous Husband Rage complex cloud his judgment, the Russians are going to find out that Heller really didn't sign an extradition order to send Jack to Moscow and Mark is going to be toast by dinnertime. Sadly, Mark doesn't have Jack's propensity to survive incredibly sticky situations and I highly doubt Mark is going to do as well as Jack does when the excrement hits the rotating cooling device. Honestly, at this point, I have very little sympathy for the guy.

And if Audrey's annoyance at Mark's nosiness is any indication, her patience is wearing a bit thin too. And for all those assertions that Audrey would make a return trip to the Land of Catatonia at the mere mention of "Jack Bauer" and then it didn't actually happen - well, Heller isn't the one who's actually losing his mind.

Meanwhile, back at Not-Winterfell, our happy little terrorist family is cleaning up after their latest one-sided shoot-out. But it turns out that Hubby Dearest (RIP) warned his sister to get the heck outta Dodge and Cersei Stark found the phone with his sister's confused-and-panicked return voicemail. Mama Cersei sends Simone to Deal With The Problem... except Hubby Dearest's sister has an adorable little girl who adores her Auntie Simone and Simone has a sudden attack of conscience. This will not end well.

Cut to the CIA where Navarro and Co. are limping back with their tails between their legs. One of the Nerd Heard figures out something fishy about Kate's husband's stealing-of-state-secrets and alerts Navarro, who just blows it off because, let's face it, there are bigger fish to fry today. But it'll certainly come back to bite later.

Jack and Kate are off to see the Wizard... the Wizard being informant her met while undercover who can tell them where Cersei Stark is (and Jack reveals that he's been doing the Rogue Agent thing for some time now, without any allegiance to any government or country - simply because it's The Right Thing To Do. Because Jack Bauer). Jack is going in to see this informant dude, but he needs to deliver Kate as a peace offering because Informant Dude might not trust Jack. Jack plans to deliver Kate unconscious so she won't be interrogated. And Kate, oh my dear sweet awesome badass Kate, injects herself with the Night-Night Juice before telling Jack his plan had better work (Deleted Scene: Yvonne Strahovski dropping the mic and telling everyone that the pinnacle has been reached and we all can go home).

So - all Jack has to do is get Informant Dude to access a bank account that Chloe infected with a virus that should lead them to Cersei Stark, and get Kate and get the hell out of there. Open Cell even has a sniper watching the place in case things go pear-shaped for Kate. Simple, right?

Except... Informant Dude's minions have special Not-Night-Night Juice and wake Kate up when Jack delivers her to their lair and begin torturing her (look, I hate the sound of drills under normal circumstances, but when you pull that thing out in this context, I've gotta leave the room). And Informant Dude has a suspiciously strange aversion to hitting an "Enter" key when he's typed in his bank account password. And Stephen Fry sent his MI6 guys in because... Jack needs his job to become that much more complicated.

In the end, Jack takes .005 seconds to smash the "Enter" key between shooting Informant Dude's goons. MI6 at least has the good sense to go after Informant Dude, though Informant Dude swipes an MI6 grenade and blows most everyone to bits. Jack performs first-aid on an MI6 guy while telling Chloe what to look for in the bank account and Chloe starts tracking a phone that, it turns out, belongs to Simone. The same Simone who tries to warn Hubby Dearest's sister, but ends up killing her in the process - and her niece saw the whole thing. Niece runs out of the house, yelling for help. Simone runs after Niece, but gets hit by a bus. And it looks like Cersei Stark is going to have bigger problems than dissent and disloyalty in the ranks soon enough.

Well - things are looking up for Our Intrepid Heroes (as much as they ever do in 24). Except... what the hell is Navarro doing outside? Taking a mysterious phone call... talking about what the Nerd Heard guy found about Kate's husband.... HOSHIII.....

*BOOM, dink-dink, dink-dink, dink-dink*

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