Monday, May 9, 2016

You Know It Can't End Like That

Review/Recap of Once Upon A Time Episode 5.21 - "Last Rites" SPOILERS!
I have no reason to put this screencap here. I just like his face.
Dear Once Upon a Time -

I'll let Santa speak for me:

Couple of things I knew were going to happen in this episode -

- Hades was gonna die (it's the episode before the two-part finale. They NEVER leave the main-arc bad guys in play for that).

- Hook would live somehow. Even if he "crossed-over," he would live and come back to Storybrooke ("where you belong" - I see what you did there). They wouldn't write out one of the most - if not THE MOST - popular characters on the show. That's a surefire way to shoot your show in the foot *cough, cough* Castle *cough*

- And... that's all I "knew." Seriously - did you think I could have seen the return of King Arthur? (Though I do like that he's now the king of the Underworld. Nice touch, team).

I am kind of miffed about this, though not as much as I was last week. Yes, the good ship Captain Swan is off to smooth sailing (for now). But did they REALLY have to off Outlaw Queen in the process as well?

BLAH! Where's Tinker Bell when you need her?

Also, that being said - ARGH for the demise of Wicked Hell! Yes, I figured that Hades was lying through his whispering teeth (sheesh, did the director tell Greg Germann never to speak above a library whisper? I think there was one time this ENTIRE ARC where he spoke in a normal-sounding voice, and that was in this episode when he was kinda-sorta-a-little-bit yelling at Zelena to kill her sister). But it would have been nice for Zelena to get a happy ending of sorts. Especially since she was coming around to the not-as-bad-as-you-could-have-been side.

She'll never be 100% good. That's what makes her fun!


Apparently so. -_-'

I just hate that I'm happy because of this -

gif source
But then I'm also sad because of this -

gif source
I mean, Outlaw Queen wasn't my #1 favorite ship on this show, but it's one that I liked. I LIKED that Regina was getting her chance at happiness (especially when her first true love was taken from her so tragically). And then we had the whole Tinker Bell prophecy-thing and this show does One True Happy Hopeful Endings and Regina and Robin were all kinds of family lovely-ness and there were plans for the future and...

Rumple is still lying his face off to Belle and Belle is still dumb enough to fall for it.

Eff this damn show, sometimes.

I'm hoping that Zeus will take pity on us all and reinstate Robin Hood the way he reinstated Killian (and yes, I've seen interviews with Sean Maguire saying that he's for sure done with the show). I don't care that it's Deus ex Machina - this isn't freaking Game of Thrones where they kill off every character that everyone even remotely likes and even a few that no one likes (though that doesn't quite explain why Rumplestiltskin's still around, except that he's just a general pain in the ass and we need one of those to balance out the sickly-sweetness of Princes Rainbow Sparkepoo).

I dunno. I'm willing to see where these next two episodes go before I decide if season six is going to be worth it. I feel like they've told all the stories they're going to and that whatever they do from here on out is the network telling them to make more show or else. I just think they've gotten too many plates spinning in the air and it's all clashing together poorly. There is time to fix it... but that window is closing ever so more with every passing week.

So much for hope, guys.

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