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Review/Recap of Once Upon A Time Episode 6.07 "Heartless" - SPOILERS!

Dear Once Upon A Time Writers Room -

Congratulations on achieving the near-impossible! That is, making me give a flying flea fart about Snow and Charming again!

For many seasons now, Snow White and Prince Charming have been mere footnotes in the story. To the point that, whenever a "Snowing"-centric episode came about, I tuned out and was utterly bored by the story. Because we KNOW that they love each other. "I will always find you," etc., ad nauseum. They already have their happy ending. They're there to be Emma's support and her family and you're not going to do anything terrible to them.

It's like in Doctor Who when they end a multi-part story on a cliffhanger where the Doctor and/or his companion(s) are in Mortal Peril - it doesn't mean anything. We know they're going to be fine within seconds of the next part of the story beginning. Otherwise, there'd be no story. What? You think the one-off Victim Of The Week is going to carry the narrative? HA!

Same thing here - in the past (and since Season 1), whenever they've tried to make it look like Snow and Charming are in Actual Trouble, it doesn't fly. It doesn't really sell. Even when they were conjuring up the curse to bring everyone back to Storybrooke in Season 3 and Snow had to crush Charming's heart to get them back to Emma, I knew they were going to split her heart and share it. It's a fairy tale. That's how things go.

But in "Heartless," it's different.

Oh sure, it starts out with Princess Rainbow Sparklepoo having a nasty vision of the Evil Queen threatening her. At first, I was all "Oh, yeah - this'll be resolved by the second commercial break."

Then there was the thing with the flashback - FarmBoy!Charming and Outlaw!Snow on seemingly disconnected trajectories in their own world. They haven't met each other yet. And it would seriously screw up the plot of the story, if they met here!

It's like - I know y'all have quit trying to keep track of the timeline in this story and you can't remember if you're coming or going... but how did you miss THIS?? What are you guys doing?

And - shock of shocks - they didn't actually miss it! They were paying attention! They kept their own threads together!

Something this momentous, they get another applause gif.

Okay - so Snow and Charming "met" each other before they actually "met." And they grew a True Love Sapling (can I just say - when Regina started talking about this sapling, I hoped it wasn't the one that she already killed by pouring the River of Lost Souls water onto it?) A sapling that... served something of a purpose, but not its intended purpose? It didn't defeat the Evil Queen, but it revealed that Snow and Charming knew each other before they realized it. And that Fate and Destiny *insert glitter here* were with them from the start.

Okay - you're reminding me that this is the love story that started this whole show. I'm with you on that. This is something that we've needed for some time. Going back to basics is ALWAYS a good idea.

Side Note: Everyone's faces - and I do mean EVERYONE'S - were the absolute BEST when Regina was talking about the Evil Queen and Rumple doing the nasty. I've watched that scene a couple of times, and I'm having a hard time deciding which reaction I liked the best. Honestly, I think the entire group spoke for their audience. I'm trying to find video or even gifs of that scene to post because it was SO GOOD!

EDIT: FOUND SOME (source here) -

And here's video (the scene starts at the 1:28 mark). Because, why not?

Yeeeeah... TMI there, Regina.

Anyway - Snow and Charming are the focus. The Evil Queen wants to kill Snow and she'll happily take down Charming in the process as well. Because - REVENGE!

So, Snowing surrenders - but then it looks like the Evil Queen has had a change of heart. Because death is too good for them both?

I dunno - I was confused there. But then the episode kept going. Replay of the True Love's Kiss from cleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaar back at the very beginning of Episode 1, Season 1.... Charming saves Snow from the sleeping curse.

Okay - I've seen how this story ends. What's going to make this any....


Now, of course, there's going to have to be some kind of fine print in this spell to make it so Emma or Henry or baby Neal couldn't kiss Charming and break the curse (because True Love isn't just romantic love in this show. Familial love counts too), so it'll be interesting to see what excuse - if any - they come up with to make this SUPER-DRAMATIC plot point stick. But the point is that this twist actually WORKED. I didn't think of that loophole for a while after I finished watching the episode because HOLY GUT-PUNCH and FEELS, Batman!

So, thank you for that, OUAT. You made me care about Snow and Charming again. And it's about blanking time!

Also - Wilby the Dog -

I want a Wilby.

Let's see what's up for next time -

Mirror universe? Okay. But Regina better have a goatee at some point.

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