Monday, November 14, 2016

All The Inbetween

Review/Recap of Once Upon A Time Episode 6.08, "I'll Be Your Mirror" - SPOILERS!

One thing about Once's renewed resolve to take a full season to tell a complete story, rather than splitting the season into story arcs, you end up with some filler episodes. This week's episode was one of those fillers.

It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't super-great either. It was just kind of "there."

I did appreciate that they took some time to focus on Henry. See how he's doing with seeing his adoptive mother (Regina) being split into two personas and give him a moment to shine. Even being tempted by the Dark Side (almost literally - we got a full-blown Return of the Jedi homage in there). Though Henry wasn't necessarily the first one to figure out that something was wrong. That honor belongs to Hook. Though I'm certain he's happy to share the glory with the lad.

The Mirror Realm - yeah, sure. It's A Thing.

Belle and Zelena scheming against Rumple - well, they almost had it. Though it does my heart good to see Zelena out wit the Dark One for once. Rumple is still an abusive prick, though. Notice how the romantic and lovely "I Will Always Find You" line that Snow and Charming made famous was suddenly twisted obscenely awful by Rumple fastening the gold bracelet onto Belle's wrist? Yeah... I remain convinced that Belle's story is the cautionary tale that happens when love turns worse than sour.

And if all the Tumblrinas who insist that Rumbelle is OMG TWUE WUV and that I just don't UNDERSTAAAAAAAAAAND them want to bitch and moan about it, then I am more than happy to have that conversation. But given how Tumblr operates these days, it'd be a pretty one-sided conversation with them calling me a big ol' meanie, and maybe insinuating that I'm a sexist pig or some other super thoughtful point of debate.

I am so OVER IT, guys. Take it someplace else. Heaven knows the internet is chock full of them.

Anyway - Henry's hero material, pure and simple. Even when he momentarily thought about smashing the Dragon's heart, he took a third option. And it worked! Because that's what heroes do, dammit! And they even get the girl in the end.

Henry and Violet. Yep. I ship it.

Speaking of shipping, I'm still waiting for Emma or somebody to realize "Hey, the kiss to break the Snowing sleeping curse doesn't have to be Snow or Charming! Emma - go help your mom and dad out!" There wasn't even an excuse of why it couldn't happen! C'mon guys, I expect better of you all!

And Golden Queen is confirmed to be happening. I'll... leave you with that lovely mental image to haunt your nightmares.

Speaking of nightmares -

Oh great. Beauty and the Beast suddenly turned into Rosemary's Baby. Way to eff up one of my favorite fairy tales, Writers Room!

Sigh...  I guess I'll go back and re-watch last week's episode.

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