Monday, April 19, 2010

Experts At Fuzzy Math

My mom has this awesome recipe for fruit dip - I've been chowing on strawberries with this cream cheese and whipped cream dip all night and it's amazing. Just thought you'd all like to know that.

Also - "24" tonight. The second week in a row that there's only six hours left. The guys in charge of putting together promos failed second grade counting, I guess.


Even though this was more or less a filler episode to just set up the next crisis, I was extremely intrigued by it and very interested to know how this was going to play out. A tribute to the writers' ability to leave us wanting more at the very end. My hat's off to them! ^_^

Did anyone else get the feeling of the angel/devil on your shoulder thing when Ethan and Chuck-Bob were trying to persuade President Taylor of their positions? Shoot, I had flashbacks to the Garden of Eden with that little snakey performance Chucky-poo put on. Repeat after me, Madam President - anything involving Chuck Logan will not end well (I cannot call him Charles - I just can't)

The last time anyone trusted Chuck-Bob with something of importance to national security, Jack had to go completely off the radar. Why does this not surprise anyone? So much for Logan's "Come to Jesus" epiphany from season six (well, we kind of forgot season six ever happened).

Poor, poor Chloe - she's been in charge of CTU for an hour and she already has to shoot down her best friend. On the flip side, at least somebody's admitted that Dana's crazy, even if it is just a weak excuse to ignore her evidence (thank you Madam President).

In Which My Fangirl Alarm Goes Off - When I went to change the channel to watch "24" tonight, the DirecTV info box proclaimed that "Jack calls an old friend." Since I know Jack and Logan are not "old friends" (and the DirecTV descriptions are often off by an episode or two) that can mean only a handful of things and where this is the swan song season, only one of them is likely. It's got to be Tony Almeida - it's just got to (good grief - who else is left? Everyone else that Jack would call is dead).

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