Monday, April 26, 2010

You Change Your Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes

I'm glad to see the promo guys figured out that there are five hours left of "24." Spoilers, but first a video! (Everyone say it with me - Oh, people with way too much time on their hands! Thank you YouTube... And thank you for not letting me embed the official version. Bleaggh...)


I feel like I have whiplash from all that back and forth crap. Everything feels very convoluted all of a sudden. Who knew that Katy Perry would go together with "24." Stranger things have happened.

The Angel/Devil antics of Ethan and Charles continue! At least until Ethan cries "uncle." I'm inclined to think that President Taylor has lost it much like President Hassan (RIP) lost it earlier in the season. I don't think her presidency is going to last much longer. I predict that she will be hauled out of the UN very much the Wilderness Youth Counselor was hauled out of office at the end of season five.

Sting operation? On Jack? Are you kidding me? Jack is NOT going to spend four hours in lock down. They tried putting Jack out of commission in season six and it went down the toilet. It is against the order of the universe to have Jack incapacitated. The Greater Cosmos(tm) demands that Jack Bauer has a gun and is shooting stuff (preferably bad guys, but we'll take obstructionist CTU agents if necessary).

For all the fuss DirecTV made about Jack's "old friend," he was kinda... meah... I mean, he was just replacement Chloe since she's had to go all straight-laced and crap. But don't you think it's somewhat late to really be introducing new characters that we care about? *sob* for no Tony - I've lost hope that's going to happen :( It would have been a great way to end the series, though.

The whole point of that was so that Jack and Freddie could be partners. And while I can buy into the fact that Freddie doesn't like what the President and everyone is doing to Dana, I can't believe that Freddie still wants anything to do with Dana personally. There ain't gonna be no white dress for that chicky-poo (unless she and DB Sweeney hook up during their little waterboarding activity (it just had to be waterboarding, didn't it... -_-')

Next Week: Perhaps this is the Katee Sackhoff Battlestar Galactica fans know and love? I wouldn't know, but I'll go ahead and say yes it is.

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