Friday, April 30, 2010

Textbook Shopping - VICTORY DANCE!

Ooh, ooh! Guess what! One of my professors for summer semester sent out the syllabus, which listed the required textbook (as in, just one, not plural). AND the happy thing is that the syllabus says that it's okay to have the older second edition. So, I go onto Amazon to check out prices and stuff and I bought the second edition used for $6! (after shipping)

THAT is a huge weight off my back because my student loan for summer semester isn't going to quite cover my tuition and fees, so I have to come up with the balance of that money, PLUS buying textbooks is always a pain in the bank account. So, I'm happy I could get at least one class covered without too much agony.

My one other professor hasn't listed the required texts for her class yet, so there may still be more blood to be drawn, but for now - WE DANCE!

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