Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Sunk It!

Oy - I've been working on my final interview project for my 802 class all morning (except a quick lunch break). I finally decided to take a breather and watch my DVR'd "Big Bang Theory." Spoilers (and a few mentions of last night's "24").


Last night was not a good night in the shipping department. First, Jack/Renee falls victim to the "Jack needs motivation for the next six hours" ploy and now Leonard/Penny is heading toward the iceberg. I am very sad and upset and I need ice cream now...

I could almost forgive Wil Wheaton for tricking Sheldon in the whatever-card-tournament the last time he came around, but now I think that Wil Wheaton is the biggest douche - EVAR!! I've never watched "Star Trek: TNG" (or much else relating to the franchise), but I hate Wil Wheaton for breaking up the cutest little couple on TV - all for a stupid bowling tournament! And making my Lenny-pie cry. NOT FUNNY!!!

And we never got to see Penny bowl. :*(

(My DVR cuts off the very, very beginning of the show, so I don't even know what Penny quoted Yoda as saying that prompted this whole thing - I assume Leonard just thought it was endearing that Penny was giving out Yoda-wisdom and said what he'd been thinking for all those years. Good grief... There had better be a cheerful resolution on the way. Or at least one I can live with)

Back to the homework grind, I suppose... (after I go curl up in the corner and weep).

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