Monday, April 5, 2010

Plausible Deniability - NOTHING!

I feel a bit like those birds that fly into unnaturally clean windows in those Windex commercials - I've been all over creation and then some in the rain, wind and snow (welcome to spring in Utah - or as I like to call it, schizophrenia). Can anyone tell me why the wind must blow insanely whenever I need to go somewhere? This is getting beyond ridiculous.

Nonetheless, "24" must continue and so must the Rehashes. This time, it's a special 2-hour save-the-world-just-in-the-nick-of-time (mostly).


Talk about some twists and turns - and they weren't the OMIGOSH THAT WAS A HUGE TWIST!! sort of things:

Number One - the bomb did not go off. In fact, Teran got it shut off with 7 seconds to spare. That's an eternity in "24" time - Jack probably could have had the bomb diffused and still had time to shoot about 50 terrorists.

Number Two - Somebody actually wants to talk to Jack. Dana/Jenny/Crazy Blonde Chick/whatever the crap her name is today must really have a death wish. Although, she was rather truthful about Jack being the only person with his head out in daylight (though, may I point out that about half those screw-ups were la Loca Rubia's fault, so I don't know how much room she has to talk).

Come to think of it - I owe CTU:New York an apology. I've been quite harsh on the way they operate all season, and here I find out it's the twit who turns out to be the mole all along. They probably handle themselves quite well on a normal day when they aren't being undermined by the World's Most Incompetent Spy (I am NOT impressed by her methods. Dana's no Nina Meyers - I'll get to that in a second.)

Number Three - The president actually DIED! When there was a plausible chance of saving him! Holy poop - did not see that one coming (but those tenements are quite roomy. Is this some kind of jihadist special? Pay the first three month's rent upfront and get a secret room big enough for all your sleeper cell operations. High speed internet service included. Perfect for all your live feeds of holding heads of state hostage).

Back to Dana and, by extension, Freddie - That was a TOTAL season 1 Jack-apprehending-Nina moment. Made even more complete that it was in the parking garage. Freddie is going upriver for all this, but not before he whacks Dana. I wish [info]24thecomicstrip was still running regularly - I totally have a great idea for a strip where Jack gives Freddie advice on coping with the fact that a former love interest is actually working for the bad guys. Maybe Jack could give Freddie some pointers 'cause we don't have three seasons for Dana to be running around before she finally gets shot (actually, she wouldn't be able to last to the end of one season - she's that stupid).

Do we ever get to find out what White Trash Boy-Toy had to do with any of this? Was it just so we weren't surprised when she screwed-up with the mole operation? I mean, can she even chew gum and walk at the same time? What kind of idiot uses the NSA issued cell phone to call her terrorist buddies?

(I understand that Katee Sackhoff plays a rather cool character in "Battlestar Galactica." But since I've never watched BSG, I will always see her as Nina's Mentally Deficient Understudy. I mean, it's kind of a big deal that she's making a guest appearance on "The Big Bang Theory" and somehow ends up in the tub with Howard - wait, that's actually quite fitting...)

When President Taylor found the general and Rob plotting to hand over President Hassan and security led the general away, but Taylor asked that Rob be left behind, did anyone else think he'd say "Can't I go too?"

I want to know - who was the nerd that said Chuck Logan was making his return this week when it's actually next week? Dost thou know what we do to people who spoil us prematurely? And now it's coming from the networks! ...sigh... When does Carlos Bernard make his return? That's all I care about.

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