Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awesome Stuff That Happened in 1985

1985 was a freaking awesome year.  To illustrate, here are a few things that highlight such greatness:

- The first Back to the Future is released
- Ronald Reagan sworn in for a second term as president
- San Francisco 49ers beat the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX
- The Utah Jazz selects Karl Malone in the NBA Draft
- Nintendo releases their first home entertainment system along with the Super Mario Bros. video game
  - In that vein, Tetris is released as well
- The wreck of the RMS Titanic is discovered
- Pete Rose becomes the all-time record hitter in Major League Baseball
- Disney releases The Black Cauldron (shut up - it's a great movie!)
- I was born (May 17)

Happy Birthday to Me!!

(Fair Warning - If you click the above link, you will be singing for the rest of the day. But it's nice and catchy and I like it).

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