Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Will Go Down With This Gif: Jack/Audrey 5Eva!

Review/Recap of 24: Live Another Day, Episode 6, 3:00 pm-4:00 pm - SPOILERS!

This is the weirdest thing. I have very little to say about this episode. HOWEVER - I do have plenty of gifs with which to react to this episode. Without further ado, I present my First Ever All Gif Post of... anything, really. Fitting that it came in 24 - here is the Gif Review/Recap of 24: Live Another Day, Episode 6!

Jack is basically sidelined in this episode, which is like -

But that's okay because Agent Kate Morgan is on the case! And the fandom rejoiced! ("the fandom" here being a term meaning "me").

In case you forgot, Kate Morgan kicks more ass than anybody (apart from Jack, of course). And if her heroics in the previous episode weren't enough, Kate gets in touch with Chloe in order to get the hacker code from Tanner's key link thingy. Seeing Kate and Chloe working together is like -

(Wait... something as awesome as Kate and Chloe working together deserves more gif joy than that!)

(That's better).

Between Chloe and the CIA, they figure out that Cersei Stark is an Actual Terrorist and she is Actually Going to Kill People. The CIA then informs President Heller that there is indeed going to be an attack on London. Somewhere, I imagine Jack thinking -

Back at Not-Winterfell, Simone is less a couple of fingers and Hubby Dearest is forced to pilot the drones by his manipulative bitch of a mother-in-law.

Hubby Dearest doesn't want to kill people -

so he does a thing where Cersei's threatening Internet video will be traced back to Not-Winterfell and the authorities will find them and stop them and all will be well.

In theory, anyway.

Back at the US Embassy, President Heller asks to speak to Jack. Mark actually agrees to let this happen. Let's bear in mind - and the "Previously on 24" cold open reminds us - that Mark once swore that Audrey would never again hear the name "Jack Bauer." Except now she's heard it at least twice in the last two hours!

Again, Audrey seems to be okay with reminders that Jack Bauer exists in the world.

The president orders the CIA to go nab Cersei Stark and her band of miscreants. Agent Navarro heads up the team because this is going to be a Big Effing Deal and the Head Cheese in Charge ought to have a direct hand in this. I guess.

However, Kate Morgan - badass Kate who made all this happen - got squealed on by the Marines who are pissed that she stopped them from popping a cap in Jack's ass. Division is pissed that she's still in the field since she's supposed to be heading out of town because of that thing with her husband selling secrets and whatever, so she has to stay behind.

'Tis at this point that President Heller finally informs Prime Minister Stephen Fry of what's happening. Remember - Stephen Fry is in this show.

Some "We're so glad we're political friends" stuff happens, then Stephen Fry disappears until the next crisis occurs.

Meanwhile - Audrey seeks out Jack and they share a Moment.

Thank you, creators, for giving the Jack/Audrey shippers this gift.

Back at Not-Winterfell, it turns out Hubby Dearest got pwned by his co-pilot and they sent the CIA to the wrong house.

Cersei Stark shoots Hubby Dearest, with the (presumed) assent of Simone.

(what? I liked him!)

The CIA continue their approach... only to realize that they're in the wrong house.

The drone flies over and blows everything up.

Aaaaand... the clock turns over to the top of the hour. And we are halfway through Live Another Day.

(Which means we're that much closer to The Time of Hiatus)

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